Zack Alcar Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Zackary Hellion Alcar
Place of Origin:
Appears in his early twenties and stands right at six feet, four inches tall. Black hair is usually a spiky mess and his blue eyes carry a faint glow to them. Often times he can be seen in black pants and a royal purple shirt paired with gloves and combat boots, though it isn't unusual for him to sport a casual jeans and t-shirt look on his off days.

On his left cheek, his flesh bears a faint scar and under his shirt, his chest carries many scars from over the years, the most prominent of which is a claw mark on his pectoral muscle. His right leg and left arm are marred by scarring thanks to enemies that have thankfully been a poor enough shot to only hit his limbs. Under the shirt he as various other scars from his work as a merc. Now sporting a number of various tattoos under his shirt. Each one has a meaning to them.

He is the proud father of Adelaide Victoria, born on February 15th, 2014.

Sometimes two siberian huskies are seen with him named Jupiter and Venus.
Guardian of The Pillar of Dimension.
Additional Notes:
Master of multiple elements. He can use each one of these to aid others, or use them to devastating effects. He has also learned how to combined them for very destructive spells.

Completely trained in using hand to hand as well as being fully trained in fighting with his chosen weapons. Able to dual wield both of the massive swords with ease, as well as able to use them to their full potential.

Zack has full control over the spell that allows him to change his size. He has also gained other spells. Ones that can be used in both his dragon form and in his human form. Though he hardly uses his dragon form anymore, as he prefers his human form.

He is very skilled in how to treat wounds on the battle field. As well as not everyone can be treated with magic. Which is another skill that he has mastered is how to heal someone with healing magics.
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(Look inside and see what you're becoming)