Samuel Winchester Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Samuel Robert Winchester
Place of Origin:
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Height: 6 Ft.
Weight: 165 Lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

A tattooed pentagram on the left side of Sam's chest protects him against demonic possession, and a silver ring fashioned in the shape of laurel leaves hangs from a chain around his neck - a memento of his sister Hope.

(Brock Kelly)
Hunter/Man of Letters
Additional Notes:
Born 4/24/2013, the eldest son of Dean and Jo Winchester, Sam traveled with his sister Hope to the past before the time of his own birth in order to help defeat Hades and his minions, but when the time came to return home, he decided to stay.

Like his parents and his namesake before him, Sam is a hunter, skilled in weapons and combat; but like his great grandfather, he is also a Man of Letters. Now that the war with Hades is over, he is working to advance beyond that of an Initiate.

Married Becky Hoffman 12/10/14.
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