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Character Name:
Michael Donnelly
Place of Origin:
Michael is of Irish-Italian descent, tall and handsome with an athletic build, short dark hair, brooding blue eyes, and a light scruffy beard.

(Chris Evans)
Additional Notes:
A gifted writer, Michael published his first best-seller at the age of twenty-five - a novel entitled Boston Nights, which was then adapted for film.

With acclaim came the expectation that he would go on to achieve even greater things, but after four years of struggling to write another best-seller, he had nothing to show for it but an addiction to alcohol and a chip on his shoulder.

A desperate wish for a second chance unexpectedly brought him to Rhydin, where he was reunited with the only woman he had ever loved, Elena De Luca.

Since then, he's overcome his addiction to alcohol, married Elena, and written a second best-seller - a sequel entitled Rhydin Nights - which has been adapted for film, based on his own screenplay. He also authored a children's book entitled Snow Angels, in collaboration with illustrator S. Rogers, which was published in October 2017. He is currently working on a third novel to be published sometime in 2021 entitled The Muse's Tale.

Michael and Elena were married on October 13, 2013, after a whirlwind three-day engagement. Daughter Michela ("Mica") Roisin was born May 9, 2016. Twins Leo and Kara were born March 6, 3021.
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"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."

- Ray Bradbury