Ailis Grimm Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Ailis "Sunshine" Grimm
Place of Origin:
Baltimore, Ireland
Eyes - Blue
Hair - Blonde
Height - 5'7"
Weight - 141lbs
Age: 30

Colm Warren was a soldier. It was what he did, everything he knew. And when his Maeve died in a freak terrorist action, the Chief passed on that knowledge to his kids. Six boys and a single girl, he made a fighting unit out of them, buying himself out of his own special forces unit when he judged them fit to the task. And what was the task? Taking the fight wherever it was needed.

The second to youngest child, Ailis is the spitting image of her mother with a sharper edge, thanks to her father's training. Strong and toned, fit for action at the drop of a hat, she specialized in field medicine purely because they needed a medic and her younger brother wasn't interested. Being the only woman on an all-male team could be difficult, but the Warrens were different. That is, until a set up almost annihilated them.

Left with just two from his team intact, it didn't take long to get the Chief back on his feet. Ailis never even considered walking away.
Mercenary; Specialization - Personal Combat/Medic
Additional Notes:
- Married to John Grimm, 14th February 2015
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