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Character Name:
Roman Apalkov
Place of Origin:
Kasimov, Russia
If-ever the listless-wilds of an absent mind were to strike a genuine man, Roman Apalkov was he. A chap of many smiles and assumed innocence, Roman is an adult so-chosen to relive a childhood upon an accord of his own; it’s no -syndrome-, nor mental deficiency, rather instead a condition of a man who hopes to asphyxiate the billows of insurgent horrors that breathe in his ears. Roman Apalkov was a career soldier, a paragon of his motherland, proud in his dress-flats and service pins. His merits were unflattering, neither medals nor commendations to speak of — in this place, he holds perhaps an atypical mediocrity.

A mediocrity he’s more adept to speak of than the operations themselves. Roman Apalkov was a soldier for the sake of place and purpose—bloodlust, power, perhaps even the flag, were forsaken as his boots sank in foreign mud, as his shells smoldered upon terrain-unknown; time proved this man thoroughly out-of-place.

But, as-is common ground in our Rhy’Din, these are merely the facts of one Roman Apalkov—things he’d dispense after a thumb-or-so of any degree of liquor. What lies beneath the skin, what awaits a story-in-progress, has yet to be gifted from the cleverly untrusting Slav.
Soldier of Misfortune; Dockside Brute
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