Aviana Slane Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Aviana Slane
Reaper, Looker
Place of Origin:
Dark blue hair, and a body that has grown ten inches past the fifth foot, Aviana is still the nightmare she was. Trying to change has proved fruitful on the outside, but fruitless internally. The clear signs of her Slane lineage reside in her crimson red eyes, healing abilities, and hot temper.
Mayhem and mischief.
Additional Notes:
--Reaper abilities--

Rapid cell regeneration: Any wound she sustains will instantaneously close up.

Soul hunting: Able to feast on the souls of others in order to sustain her hunger. She prefers supernatural over human.

--Looker abilities--

One of the last few lookers alive.

Able to pull information from another person by looking into their eyes.

Able to force people to do things they normally wouldn't do through 'suggestion' and eye contact.

Able to take, rearrange and manipulate memories.

(Note: I will not use her abilities on another character without permission. That said, please PM me if you'd like her to manipulate your character.)
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