Arthour Old Wyrm

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Character Name:
Arthour Chazore-Silverblood, or Art for short.
Place of Origin:
From across the sea, far to the west of RhyDin, from a land called Sha'Karm Tal.
[[Out Of Character Section.]]

SERIOUSLY It's a wall of text XD Don't read more than the first paragraph of each section if you don't wanna read a lotta writing :)
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The mun was born 11th Jan 1994.

[[OOC END.]]

~~ Normal appearance. ~~
He wears a black tunic which stretches down from his shoulders ending just below his hips, is sleeved and fits loosely over his frame. It is tied at the waist with a light brown sash, which looks vaguely like it may have been a scarf.
Simple, black jeans and good practical ankle high boots, good for walking or riding, complete the lower half of his usual outfit.
He also wears a black cloak now, given to him as a gift by Mai Silverblood.

Due to an attack which resulted in five deep stab wounds to his back, he can now be seen sometimes with a black cane, but normally only in the very cold weather.

For someone 1525 years old (4525, if you add the time travel) he doesn't look much older than his late 20's. Arthour is pale, white skinned and ~5' 10" tall. His short hair is still long enough to bury you're fingers in, and brown.

His piercing, white-blue eyes sit under a forehead hidden by a long fringe of hair and thin eyebrows, in his home land those eyes are called 'Gods' Eyes'.

When he becomes angered, a red circle appears around the iris of his eyes, cracks slowly spread from it to the pupil as he becomes more angry, eventually the whole of his iris will be overtaken by the red, its at this point he is able to access powers beyond what he normally wields, as he uses the 'God Shard' that is entwined with his soul.

After a chance encounter with The Farther of Serpents an Old God of the Chthulu Myths, Lord Yig, Arthour's right eye can now shift from it's normal, piecing white-blue to a slit with a yellow iris. He is gifted with the powers of vision a serpent possesses through that single eye with out the need to change into a dragon form.

He has a special ring on his ring finger now, an engagement ring, given to him on the 20th November 2012 by Mai after they proposed to each other on the 18th, it was once her fathers and has a design laid in silver on it.

February 1st 2013, He wears a black ring, made of shadows. A drop of vampire blood and a deity of love's power makes the ring glow if Mai is ever in need of him and acts as an ever dear reminder of his promises to Mai.

~~Other Form(s)~~
=Red Dragon=
Thanks to Nexus activating an old spell Arthour once used, he can now at will transform into a red dragon.
Again, thanks to the Nexus....Although, this was never in his list of spells before...

  Physical Weapons;  
A steel looking blade, about 20 inches long and slightly curved, it looks as if it might be of elvish make and is attached to his sash/scarf by his left hip.

A small bag of holding is also hung by his right hip.

He also carries an ornate silver dagger with a small power gem in it, charged for three spells. It was a gift from Ripper (UnseenKiller) For the 2012 Solstice.

He might, on occasion, use the beautiful Mythril sword, given to him by his brother, Crowe Thorne. Arthour has named it now as well, the name is etched into the blade and is translated from his Mother Tongue, into Common as Friendship.

In the small of his back, is a revolver. He rarely uses it, but it is there should he have a need for it. The revolver has the capacity to hold eight rounds, and fires ether normal, hollow point rounds, or can fire Mana-Burn rounds. Effectively, they cause extra damage to magic casters and interrupt their spells. The Mana-Burn rounds also cause extra damage to magical constructs, beings made of magic such as spirits and deity's.

~---~ Other Details ~---~
Since coming to Rhy'Din, he has found a wonderful woman to spend his life with, a job as a teacher at the Bristle Crios Academy, and then later a member of the Bristle Crois coven. Now he is Leader of Mage House and continues to teach when he has the time to.

He and Mai proposed to each other on the 18th and she gave him an engagement ring, a special ring on his ring finger now. It was once her fathers and has a design laid in silver on it.

He was married on February 1st 2013,  to Mai silverblood.
Overseeing the ceremony was his dear friend and guardian angel, Ammy Spiritor.

On May 20th, his beautiful baby girl, Camellia, was born. He spends as much time as he can with his wife and daughters.

He adopted Lesinda Loa Acloth (Now Chazore-Silverblood-Helston) Just before Christmas 2013.

Arthour is a Demi-God. He doesn't tell many people this due to bad experiences in the past (Namely, he was once chased out of a city by atheists and there is, to this day, a religion of which he is the patron God)
He has not used his powers anywhere near to that extent in over 500 years, however he is still very powerful mage in his own right (after all, he is a demi-god) and more than capable of tapping into the well of power that is his God's Shard at any time, effectively allowing him to 'boost' his own magic.

The fact he is a Demi-God, is well hidden from many people, he doesn't give any indication or magical emissions that he is and tells only very close friends about it. ((In other words, not just anyone can look at him and go 'That dude's a demi-god'. Other deities can probably recognise him as one, as he can them, and it is entirely possible people who can see things others can't, can see it as well. Feel free to ask, and I'll answer as best I can!

"Based on your answers to the quiz, your character�s most likely alignment is Lawful Good."))
Arch-Swordmage & Teacher of Fire Magic at The Academy of Bristle Crios.
Additional Notes:
Although he dislikes to fight, Arthour is well skilled in the use of swords and combines his ability to use swords and magic together.

~--~ Melee ~--~

He wields a short blade ~20 inches long and slightly curved and looks like it might be elven made, which can be used to channel his magic, in a similar way to a staff.
He's had over 1500 years to enchant his blade and has done so, many, many times. The shear number of enchantments on it is mind boggling.

His sword is affected only by the most powerful of null-magic zones, types that are capable of stopping Demi-Gods. It is capable of choosing it's own enchantments to use, in order to best suit the situation, it can use multiple elemental enchantments it can use, as well as non-elemental ones and many, many others besides.

He can form a blade from living fire crystal as well, but has not needed to do so in years.

Also, he has a set of twin swords given to him by Mai Silverbood, however he has and will never use them in combat, just for training in advancing his wind magic ability's.

He is also versed in some martial arts and is considered a green belt in karate, combining his knowledge of Air Magic with his melee combat skills makes him a problematic target. And a fast one, Very fast.

~--~ Magic ~--~
He can use a variety of magic, including earth, air, water and fire elements, he also uses some light, or "holy" spells to heal himself and others, as well as for fighting creatures of darkness.
He shows more aptitude towards fire magic though and, if he should be made to fight, will use fire and wind magic primarily as well as sigils to bind his target or stop them from casting spells in combination with his sword fighting ability's.

~--Other Magic--~
Arthour is able to change his form through transformation spells.

Specially designed crystals that link telepathically to one and other, provide full, near completely private, telepathic communication between Arthour and each person that possesses one of these crystals. To date, he's given one to the following people:

Crowe Thorne. ~Active~

Charles Blackstone. ~Destroyed~

Renna (~The Betrayer). ~Destroyed ~ Replaced ~ Destroyed~

Apple Silverblood. ~Active~

Darcy ~Sommin,sommin Shimmerscale- Awesome-sauce (Awesome Incarnate). ~Active~

Andu Kirost. ~Active~

Nikia O'Niell. ~In-active due to 'death' of Owner.~

Ammy Spiritor. ~Active~

Fleety Spiritor. ~Active~

Brian Ravenlock. ~Active~

Claire Farron. ~Active~

Zynisch Lucis. ~Active~

((( I think there's more...If I've given you char one and your not listed here, tell me! XD - If you want to know more about what they do, feel free to ask me, there is more stuff than just what's said here :) )))

  ~ ~ ~
His ranks in magic are (in accordance with the ranks from his homeland):
Expert-Master Pyromancer;
Able to influence all forms of fire, even perverse other mages fire magic, turning it on them or extinguishing their spells all together. He is able to turn many forms of fire into a weapon. He is able to perform very powerful fire based attacks, primarily in the form of fireballs. He is capable of vaporising objects, and can stop guns from firing ((Assuming they are gunpowder or plasma based))

- Sub-Skill:
He possess the ability to craft fire into crystals. These are normally used as a means of origami, creating anything from birds to dragons.
He can also use it to create crystal shards....These make very good projectile weapons. They can carry the element of fire with them, or they can be sued in a non-elemental fashion. He can, of course, also use them to form a sword, dagger or knife. Really, he can form pretty much anything out of them. He can also use his skill to re-create the crystalline structure of other crystals.

Master Aeromancer;
Able to use the air around him to move quicker, making it appear as though he has 'Flickered'. Can slow his target down or use the air as a weapon, cutting his enemy to pieces from afar and hit them with a 'bolt' of air, knocking them back or harming them depending on the power of the strike.


Adept Earth Mage;
Able to influence the ground, pulling blocks of earth the size of a house from the ground, using it as a shield or a weapon. He can also influence plants to some degree, helping them to grow.


Apprentice Water Mage;
Able to influence any liquid to a certain degree((Is a very useful skill after being slobbered by a certain blue dragoness.)), doesn�t need to swim or tread water if he doesn't want to. No, he isn't Jesus, but he can walk on water.


Adept Practitioner of Healing Magic;
Can heal most, if not all, flesh wounds. Internal wounds are harder but possible. Almost always recommends seeing a 'real healer or doctor' after he's done healing someone else.


Low level Psionic/Telepath;
Can read a person's emotions and/or thoughts, depending on how close they are, how powerful those thoughts/emotions are and whether he is trying to read them. He can project his voice into peoples head's, but only in close ranges. By using specially, psionically attuned crystals, he can contact a person (who also has one of the crystals) from huge distances.
In his culture it is considered highly rude to use telepathy to read a person's thoughts with out permission, so this skill is only active within his own personal bubble. He has telepathic defences that are active at ALL times. Only those who are permitted, can read his mind.


Master Sigil Mage;
His sigils are very powerful and complex, having exact uses means he needs many different ones to do the different jobs, he can create a very powerful shield or trap his foes as well as create a magical null zone, stopping another mage from casting at all as well as forming other wards to protect from various forms of harm.


Transformation Mage;
In his homeland, transformation magic it taboo, so he holds no recognized rank or skill in this area of magic.


"Maligree's Wonderful Garden"*
Arthour has the ability to create a realm of his own creation, where the laws of physics are under his control. He is able to exert much control over this realm of his own creation, that even another beings powers are almost totally useless there. It is nearly impossible to force entry or exit from these realms, as Arthour creates them outside of the 'In Between' cycle, placing them directly into the chaotic Aether, where exposure for most beings, means instant death.

((*Name from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.))

~==~ Additional Details. ~==~

He has a knowledge of a number of languages.

He is sensitive to the use of magic around him, when it is used, he will typically itch his left ear, a 'tell' that he's sensed when and where magic has been used, this skill is very useful as he can also recognize a specific mage's power.

He can also sense peoples...Auras/Souls/Consciousness. All creature's actions shape what and how they are, with some concentration Arthour is able to see this, however it works better with people the longer he knows them.
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