Taneth Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
She is Taneth. No one can quite explain just what that means.
A petite bit of woman, but she is not child-sized. She is a butterfly at heart with her flitting and fluttering about on tiptoed feet and wishful dreams of being able to soar amongst the clouds. Waves of golden curls in a fine blend of amber and light golden blonde bounce around her shoulders and her grey-blue eyes, not often darkened by storms, always seem to sparkle and lighten with some sort of impish glee. She dances amongst flowers daily and will always have the faint scent of jasmine about her. She is loving, kind-hearted, and trusting. She is not one with a child’s mind, though she definitely can portray such a mannerism, but then that is the point of her sweetened deception.
Various odd jobs.
Additional Notes:
Hugger, snuggler, cuddler, and smoocher. She enjoys growing plants, especially flowers and her own fruits and vegetables. She can attack hug and flop on unsuspecting people with such sneaky ease. Cooking and baking are joys as well as dancing.
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