Shaye OConnor Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Shaye O'Connor
Place of Origin:
Phalia, Arctra
This woman would be insulted if all you took away from a sight of her was the beauty of wheat-blonde hair, dark eyes, and the slender body that supports them. Look closer, and you will see the deadly grace with which she moves; the way her armor fits her like a second skin; the ease with which she bears her weapons. This woman is a warrior, and she wears her rank with pride.

She was the First Blade of Arctra, the highest rank a commoner can achieve. Through years of training, of fighting, of proving herself, she  gained the right to be acknowledged as the best that Arctra had to offer in the arts of war. Her loyalty, however, was bound to the one who wielded the Sword of Arctra, and changed the moment that sacred weapon changed hands. The First Blade belongs to Arctra, not her queens.

A woman possessed of fierce passions, Shaye loved the thrill of battle, be it with weapons or with bodies, on the field of war or amid tangled sheets. Defeated by choice at the tournament held after the Battle for Loscar, she willingly stepped back from court life, assuming her husband's name and opening a clinic in the capital to tend to the medicinal needs of a populace that has had enough of magic for now.
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