Ariana Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Ariana, who was once Adare
Place of Origin:
Phalion, Arctra
In the small country of Arctra, sixteen days' ride from the border of Rhy'Din's territory, where Queens rule and women dominate, the last surviving member of the direct royal bloodline has come into her own, assuming her true form and declaring her right to the throne that was usurped during the year of her own birth.

Slender and petite, Ariana is a wiry sort, more agile than strong, more attuned to craftwork and words than a will for violence. Her gentle heart and kind nature are known well in Phalion, and will become known in the entire realm before the year is done. It is said that she is the image of her mother, the beautiful Princess Arian, who died giving birth to Ariana and her stillborn twin brother thanks to the merciless pursuit of Velasca in her desire for power.

Protected by her parents' former guards, cared for by their servants, Ariana holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Phalion, her father's city. Special enough that as she came into her own, the Usurper Queen lost much of the support she gained as the rebel army marched south beneath the banner of the True Queen of Arctra.

At the tender age of seventeen, Ariana defeated the Usurper's heir in single combat, and in the Battle for Loscar, the Usurper herself was killed.

A daughter of Arlan once again sits on the throne of Arctra, wedded to her chosen consort as they learn what it is to truly rule a country blessed by the Nine.
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