Knightfall Adult Wyrm

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Character Name:
Kristoph Knightfall
High Eternal
Place of Origin:
Slightly over six feet tall and proportionately medium build; midnight hued hair, and eyes of flashing emerald.

Always, unless otherwise stated, wearing black on black; black stiching on the pants and silver or gold stitching and filigree on the tops for contrast.  Upon his back is always found a custom travelers mantle that has stitched across the shoulders several sigils: That of the First Sword, the First Company; Coven Bristle Crios, and Houses Demon & Eternal.  Rings of ensorcelled blood-stone on both thumbs, a gold and onyx signet ring on his left hand, combined with a gold wedding band.

Engaged - May 5th, 2012.
Fiona O'Neill Knightfall
Married - July 21st, 2012.
Paladin, Mage, Soletaken
Additional Notes:
Swordplay, Magic,  & Myriae based abilities.

Innate Abilities:

Supernaturally enhanced physique, including all of endurance, strength, and speed - listed from most augmented to least.

His Soletaken form is that of a Dragon; when he enters Draconic form with his sword Justciar unsheathed, his maw becomes the Gateway to Erebus, within the realm of Justice.


Swordplay, with specializations in longsword & shield, two handed bastard sword, bastard sword and shield, and greatsword.

Warren Magic; the Warrens of Starvald Demelain [of Dragons], Kurald Thyrllan [of Light] (and its offshoots, Tellan & Telas), Kurald Galain [of Darkness], Omtose Phellack [of Ice], and Ahkrast Korvalain [of Justice].
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