Wyheree Adult Wyrm

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Character Name:
Wyheree Ravenlock g'Ark'Hiradan
Human/Ice Elemental
Place of Origin:
Tall for a female of her realm, standing about 5'8", very fair of face.  Blonde hair so pale, it's almost white, usually worn flowing down her back, or in a loose updo when dueling. Her silver eyes glimmer and shine like the metal - shifting to jet when angry or frustrated.  A red welt - no larger than a droplet of ink, still persists in the hollow of her throat - a mute testimony to her endurance.  She favors simple, modest dresses of white shot through with silver, spun of her element - though she is often seen in silken gowns of varying shades of blue, ranging from midnight to royal, to palest ice. When dueling, she tends to favor a white and silver body suit for freer range of motion.  Whenever she uses her magic, the temperature in the area immediately around her (2 feet or so) drops, and anyone nearby would notice the change.

She was adopted fully into the Ravenlock clan, making the bonds between her, Brian and Jewell official.

Her surname is a reflection of the deep, unending bond between her and her Mate, the A'Taran Roran'ark'hiradan.
Elementalist Mage
Additional Notes:
Can manipulate ice at will - calling water and air to shape as she wishes.  She will craft special tokens for those she especially cares for from the elemental ice within her, though such a gift is very rare. Threatening those she has grown to love will surely earn the offender a taste of her formidable abilities - winds that cut and slice, icy shards like knives, whip-like tendrils - whatever the situation calls for.  She will do her best to stay out of close combat (unless within the rings), and she will avoid fighting with fire wielders.

Her involvement with the Entity, Ciaran, has given her some power of Darkness, enabling her to manipulate shadows and cause lighting to dim.  The extent of her abilities with this new element are as yet untapped.
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