Ben Grimm Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Ben Grimm, The Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed Thing.
Place of Origin:
New York.
At a height of Seven Feet Five, he is a little more imposing. Covered in interlocked orange stone, and massive amounts of muscle push his weight to over sixteen hundred and fifty pounds, now that makes him imposing. Blue eyes stand out against the orange stone of his face, occasionally illuminated by a big cigar.

Since his arrival in Rhy'Din Ben recently found himself changing. He's gone from a six footer, to what he is now. Upper limits of his strength haven't been found. Hands have shown to have power towards seven tons per square inch. Since his arrival, he's basically just tougher, nearly invincible, and still Aunt Petunia's favorite nephew.

((Ben in Rhy'Din is now equivalent to The Thing from the Ultimate Marvel Universe.))
Additional Notes:
Often mistaken for an unintelligent, lumbering powerhouse, he is far from that. A respected test pilot. A dextrous fighter, and loyal friend are more tribute to what and who Ben Grimm is. Over the years his power has grown, though his tolerance not so much. Super human strength, endurance, and durability are gifts from cosmic radiation, but he can still catch a common cold and suffer from the flu. Mother Nature's humor he'd said.
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"Now suppose we talk about this like gentlemen...or I'll knock your block off."