Sorcha Mirawien Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Sorcha Zelari Mirawien
Dúbhlaidh Elf (AKA Dark Elf/Winter Elf) and something more deadly mixed within.
Place of Origin:
Zymire, Carowyn
A woman of medium height, but her demeanor often makes her seem taller. Chocolate brown hair falls smoothly down her back and frames chilly aquamarine eyes which seldom show much in the way of emotion aside from disgust or anger. Tooled black leather is her preferred mode of dress, but she has been known to wear more formal garments when required. She is one that doesn't like to be touched and wears half gloves to protect her hands from accidental contact.  A creature of habit, she is never without weapons upon her slim frame, no matter the occasion. Latest edition, rests coiled and drifting from her belt, the whip called "Shalaerer Valandraes". It's Pommel carved out of Obsidian bearing the delicate whorls of perfection only found in Elven master crafted items, it was certainly a work of art. Gifted to Sorcha by her father, it seemed to enhance her speed when she wielded it, with an aura best described as malevolent. Sharp silver barbs woven through out, were also curious in their nature. Each tip was designed to hold various poisons and being cruelly barbed upwards they also offered aggravated wounds to any it might be used upon.
Shadow Adept
Additional Notes:
As a shadow adept she is schooled in most forms of hand-to-hand conflict and favors duel wielding long daggers or short swords. Primary choice of weapon is her hands, although she is rather fond of her soul eating dagger and the twin light swords riding either hips or crossed upon her back. She also has an inherent ability in the use and control of shadows. Often she works as an assassin or bodyguard.
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Shadow Assassin

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