Elemmiire Rei Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Elemmiire "Rei" Vyn'Rei ~ Son of Gemethyst & Kabe
Drow, Grey Elf, Angel ~ Rhydin Melting Pot
Place of Origin:
Rei is the son of Gem.  His Drow Elven blood shows in the dusky gray tones of his skin, that same heritage keeping him from attaining any great height, for he stands at 5'11".  

He has a lean build, with a lithely muscled frame that is nicely cut but not heavy or bulky.  He has Gem's eyes, the amethyst color holding true from mother to son.  He also got her silver hair; he wears it long and frequently unbound; it falls to his knees in back and to the hips in front, straight as a plumb line.  

Rei is a study in chiaroscuro, shades of light and dark with little color, but for the purple of his eyes. In winter he wears a cloak of Dire Bear hide, the fur turned inwards for warmth.

He is a mongrel in breed, and it seems to have carried over into some of his mannerisms, as well. There is as often a scowl on his face as a smile. Walk softly around him.
Additional Notes:
Rei can trace what would normally be untraceable.  He can seemingly track the untrackable. Whatever skills he has are his to know, but they are formidable.  He has been working for bounty hunters, skip tracers, and private employers.  He prefers not to work for the Watch for reasons that are his own.

Mounted on the man's back is a Krull Glaive, some 2.5 feet in diameter, its five blades kept razor sharp. At his belt is a very wicked looking dagger and a Longsword etched with Elven runes.  Polearms are a weapon of choice for him, and one is frequently with him.

A black Friesian stallion named "Seke" is his ride.

He has an affinity for the stars, something that has yet to fully develop.  When it does there may be those who will wish he had never been born.
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