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Natalya Bristol
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Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, almost literally, Natalya Pimenova is the last scion of a family that somehow survived the revolutions of Communism and capitalism with their wealth and fortune intact. However, with the ease of living that comes with great wealth also comes the task of staving off great boredom.

What does a person do to keep themselves occupied? Natalya found herself challenges. Having carved out a niche for herself from the age of eighteen as a procurer of occult artefacts, however well guarded, she is now in a position where she has the luxury to pick and choose her projects, simply for the challenge they offer her.

Petite and unremarkable in looks, she has mastered the art of disguise over the years, wearing faces, voices, and even personalities with as much attachment as one has to a pair of shoes. Her knowledge of security systems - even magically augmented ones - is virtually unparalleled, making her a desirable commodity for anyone looking to add to their collection.

Those who know the real Natalya, however, know a woman unafraid to speak her mind, always open to enjoying the best of what life has to offer, passionate in all areas of her life. That passion extends to her temperament - rarely is she indifferent about anything or anyone, relying on gut instinct to make snap judgements that are rarely overturned. What is left of the accent she grew up with, the rich rolling Russian that decorates her past, is only discernible in moments of strong emotion, when she loses that fine control over herself that has brought her so far in her chosen profession.
Thief. Fence. Entrepreneur. Priestess of Avalon.
Additional Notes:
- Happily married to Rhys Bristol, 21st February, 2013.
 - Mother to Ana Clare Bristol, 12th July, 2014, and Micah Adam Bristol, 4th May, 2017.
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