Lyllianne DeWil Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Lyllianne DeWil
A demon of rare breeding
Place of Origin:
Earth, Hell, and every place in between
She is one of ancient birth, though birth cannot truely describe how she came to be in the world of mortals.  One moment she was not there.  Then "The Creator" spoke, and she was.  By The Very Will, she came into being.  Breathed into existance, she will never die.

Time passed, and she found that she fell in love with some things most would shun.  She adopted a cliche, The Lady In Red, and made it her own.  She enjoys the deception of the softness of her features, and allows that to hide the terror and death which she can bring.  She is the first of her kind, and uses every art to bring her prey down.  From the ebon curls, to the form fitting dress, she looks every bit the lady and the tramp intermingled.

If you believe yourself to have the courage to take her in hand, she will be sure to surprise you.  However, you probably won't get the opportunity to reconsider the mistake which you made.
Debt Collector
Additional Notes:
Artwork for both portrait and avatar done by Tallameia's player.  Commissioned for this character only.
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