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The frigid, hostile glaciers in the far reaches of
Azar is his only given name, though others have referred to him by many different monikers throughout the years. He is a man of medium stature. He stands about 5'11" and 'appears' to be roughly 30 years of age. His hair is straight with an almost imperceptible waviness to it, chest length and onyx black. Currently has a shortly trimmed beard, but that changes from time to time. Most of his skin bears some sort of scar. All but his neck and face which bear very few blemishes aside from creases left by expressions over the years. He's considered a grand master of the blade, but his people do not have a word for it. He is often accompanied by a large mountain lion, Skyforger, or 'Sky'. He is bound by blood, and by an eternal oath to another.

His clothing is all fairly plain and loose fitting, perhaps even a bit baggy. A simple, sleeved cloak is worn over a similarly colored armless shirt, as well as some plain pants. Also, around his neck is a long scarf sometimes used to conceal his face, as well as to prevent foreign objects from entering his mouth and nose. He's been described as a vagrant more times than he can count on account of the lack of flair and his simple tastes.
His dual blades bear names that he will not speak. One is a composed of a strange, white metal. One is onyx black. Neither blade have any scratches or blemishes of any kind on them, and it is rare for anyone to see them. Both of their scabbards are ornately designed, with strange engravings of stars and other odd celestial bodies. They hold no 'innate' power or anything of the kind. It is his touch that brings them to life, but even then, it is not the blades coming to life. They are merely part of a greater whole. Concealed beneath his clothing is an almost pearlescent scale armor, crafted from the scales of a powerful ocean dwelling creature from among the glaciers in the north. It is able to detect magic, and will gently pulsate against his torso when in its presence.

Much of his known life has been in combat, traveling in far away lands and seeking ancient relics and knowledge in an effort to help him better understand his mortal enemy. He is curious and emotional by nature, but he is talented at keeping the latter under wraps. He carries no pride for his achievements, nor does he desire glory or fame, and his exploits are largely unknown due to the fact that he keeps them that way. He yearns for the unknown... The 'what if's'... The wondrous and inexplicable...

"Cold is the wind that chills me down to my bones,
And cold is the knowledge that for this I abandoned my home.
Cold is my sorrow, like a knife in my chest,
And cold is the path that I chose.
For what worth can be found in glory in the lands that I roam?"

((This is a character I have played for many years and his story is a long one. He is, by and large, an adventurer and warrior, but there is much more going on beyond that. Feel free to open a dialogue at any time.))
Veil Guardian / 'Traveler' / Sojourner
Additional Notes:
He possesses inhuman senses, speed, agility and strength, as well as an ever changing form of 'magic' used in conjunction with his blades, but the limits of this power have never had the surface scratched. He has mastered many different martial arts. He is also a talented craftsman.
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