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Character Name:
Lydia or Leta Tolmay
Place of Origin:
Bucharest, Romania
The identical twin sisters have pale cream skin with jet black hair and dark blue eyes. They appear to be in their late 20's or early 30's. They share a thin frame and slight muscular physique.

Lydia is passionate about teaching and teaches at the Academy of Bristle Crios. Leta devotes her life to carrying out the wishes of the secret organization known as The Company.
Headmistress, Company Consultant
Additional Notes:
The twins share a unique bond. What physically happens to one will instantly happen to the other. They suffer the same pain and even scars. Although both twins have access to magical and innate abilities, only Leta uses them.

Auspex grants the twins supernatural senses. Obfuscate allows them to conceal themselves and create minor illusions. Dominate overwhelms another person's mind with their will, forcing victims to think or act according to their wishes.

Oct 2011 Vampire's Embrace
Dec 2011 Empty Vessel
May 2012 Mistaken Identity
Jan 2013 Searching for a Lost Soul Sister
Mar 2013 Teaching and Learning
Aug 2013 Rescue in the Ruins
Nov 2013 Lightfall
Dec 2013 Exchange of Moments
Jan 2014 Paradigm of Creation
Jun 2014 Rose Moon: Stealing Away in the Night
Jan 2015 Oops
Mar 2015 Rising Son
Apr 2015 A Visit to the Academy
Nov 2015 "Midnight. At the park."
Jul 2016 The World You Want to See
Oct 2016 Introduction to Arcane & Metaphysical Theory 1000
Dec 2016 Division on Campus: Pro Human Protest
Jan 2017 No Justice for the Damned
Jul 2017 Letter to the Headmistress
May 2018 Suntithenai
Jul 2018 To my daughter,
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