Kuori Helston Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Kuori Helston
Place of Origin:
Thundercrag Mountains
At 7' tall, she is extremely muscular but not in an unappealing way. Her arms and legs are heavily corded from an outdoor life upon Thundercrag Mountain and an addiction to exercise that came with urban life. Spear hunting and fishing as well as years of a nomadic hunter-gatherer life before coming to live in Rhydin town proper.

Kuori displays her heritage proudly. Lithoderms, small protrusions of bone and rock, speckle her light gray skin along the arms, shoulders and brow. Her hair gleams a fiery shade of red

Where it is disgraceful to wear tattoos as other cultures may, Goliaths prefer to embed gems into the larger lithoderms upon their bodies. Three precious stones adorn her shield arm, a ruby, a sapphire, and for the keen, a pure opal.

Like other Goliaths, Kuori is completely comfortable in her own skin and often wears very little when at home, but covers her ample endowments to accommodate more modest races. Boots of sturdy leather grip her legs clear to the calves, little bits and bobs on them as trophies from past combat. She's come a long way thanks to several of her friends.

Kuori is extremely proud of her physical appearance and doesn't have a qualm with showing off her strength or other abilities. Though she appreciates the male form, her tastes in partners runs a wide spectrum.

She's become a true Helston.
Head of Security for Helston Holdings,
Additional Notes:
Shock Trooper

Ranged Shield combat >Ranged Disarm, Ranged Pin, Ranged Trip, Shield Bash, Ricochet Shield Strike, Ranged Sunder Armor.

While most watch the massive warmace found tied to her shapely hips, Kuori's real weapon is the round shield at her back, able to use at range. The tool is made of a strange metal that never dulls or tarnishes and makes a whistling sound in the air when thrown.
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