Tenball Wyrmling

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Character Name:
A large spherical creature with one big eye set above a mouth filled with sharp teeth, and ten smaller eyes on stalks atop its body... at first glance, Tenball looks utterly horrific.  

However, a second look into any of those deep blue eyes may bring surprises.  The truth is that Ten is a kind and friendly soul, always ready to laugh at a good joke.  Don't confuse kindness for weakness, however; he stands by those he names friends, and is very handy to have in a fight.  He is also good with children.
Additional Notes:
Holding to only one of the four tenets of beholder life, that knowledge is power, Tenball is an avid learner and a voracious reader; he has a private library with more than a few rare or even unique tomes, ancient and valuable.

Ten spends much of his time assisting the Ilnarens with their charges at Stardreamer Manor, where he serves as tutor and minder (and occasionally as extra security).  In the past he has also worked as a bartender, stage manager, and drummer.

((OOC note - Ten does not have the standard complement of eye abilities, as his Slow and Charm Human eyes are replaced by extra Telekinesis eyes, and the Death Ray is Pyrokinetic.  That's right, he has heat vision. ;) ))
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