Champion of Few Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Human, one would think
Place of Origin:
Somewhere known as "The West"
He definitely looked like he had been around a block or two, although he somehow managed to not look entirely worse for wear.

Long dark hair was left to its own devices, usually only kept back when the cowboy hat was in place, and a decent amount of scruff lined his jaw. Most of his attire leaned toward the darker shades, although his eyes were undoubtedly blue; often the only bright color he wore.

Guns were his weapons of choice, although not the only. He didn't usually carry his full arsenal around but he never did leave the house (or apartment, or hotel, or alley, or whatever) without at least one of his .45 pistols and a Bowie knife, and sometimes even an old fashioned six-shooter.
Well, ain't that the question...
Additional Notes:
Sai had been around probably longer than most would have bet on him to. He used to be a something of a legend back where he was from, or so folks said. He didn't quite believe it.

He had been a defender, a protector - some had even called him a Gunslinger. He was a hunter of evil, taking care of that which others couldn't deal with on their own. He had a weakness for aiding the helpless the most, those that couldn't defend themselves and had no one else to turn to.

Sai had been their savior.

But no more. Something happened to him, changed him - and not for the better, of that he was sure. Being as stubborn as he was, he fought against it, but sometimes there's things that even a Gunslinger can't get rid of, especially when it's a deal they've made themselves.

And so off he went, riding into the sunset like all of those songs say. But unlike those songs, Sai didn't find much peace on the road. Not that he was looking for it anyway. Now and again, he still answers the call of those in need, not quite able to shake that which some might say is his destiny. But in truth, that's the only thing that keeps him going.

Remaining the champion of few.
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