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Lorcain Dohmnall DeWil
Lorcain appears as he always has, with some minor adjustments.  His leathers still creak, his eyes are still that icy untrusting green, his skin still has that alabaster tinge to it, his long hair is still that shade of black and his boots still have those thick soles.  His bracers, though, are gone.  They are replaced by skin, scarred in unruly patterns of thick tissue.  There seems to be a pattern in the scar tissue but none can really make it out.  Since his shackles were removed, he has gone sleeveless, almost reveling in the fact; the leather coils of his old armor ripped from the chest piece and replaced with fingerless battle gauntlets for his hands.
Additional Notes:
His two halves are always at odds. He's a mean bastard and beast simply, when he wishes to be, and a charmer when he needs to be.  In reality, he cares for few and cares less for the rest.  Lorcain is a battle tested as warrior, assassin and hunter.  His heritage dictates such.  It also dictates he be a softer, more congenial, opportunistic person when the need arises.
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Lorcain Dohmnall DeWil
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