Martyr Adult Wyrm

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Character Name:
Caia "Martyr" Slane
Place of Origin:
The Village of Sama.
Her half and half eyes are almost too big for her face, always wide and full of innocence that no soul should bear. Teeth can either be sharp, pearly white triangles in a mouth lined with copious lips, or perfectly straight, perfectly aligned dull fixtures within her mouth--depends how hungry she is. Long flowing curls of dyed swampy mane stretch down to her mid-back stunted by the soft coils.

Very naive, very shy.

Martyr has an uncontrollable stutter that gets worse the more nervous she gets.
Healer, trouble magnet.
Additional Notes:
Rapid cell regeneration.

The power to heal others for a price.

If someone were to ingest, inject, or consume her blood in any way, they would gather her regeneration abilities. Over use could result in a blood bond, addiction or other serious afflictions.

She can change into a weapon of her choosing to be wielded by whoever she deems worthy. She also possesses some soul abilities, soul seeing, soul grabbing, etc...

Upon fifteen years of training with Nazareth in the past, Martyr has become a Reika--a female soul sword. One of only two left in the world. Her soul bonds with the dominion sword and creates a sort of wind effect. This power will continue to grow stronger with her own wind abilities.

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