Talissia Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Talissia Kenafin Faern'elgg'ur
Drow elf, by outward appearance
Place of Origin:
Szithlin, Underdark, Toril
Hgt:     5'0"

Build:   Slim and toned

Skin:    Ashen, light for a drow.

Eyes:    Pale violet

Hair:     White, streaked with silver. long in length

Atypical in appearance for a drow elf, Talis is a magical creature of sorts - of what type is not easily discerned. It would be obvious to those trained in magical detection that she is pureblooded Drow only, so far as race. However, something is amiss in her mannerisms. She behaves in a predatory or feral way, at times.

Talis is normally in rather formal clothing, and black is the preferred color. She wears a medal of Kiaransalee, the former Drow goddess of vengeance and the undead. Armor may be present, depending on the day or situation, and she is almost never unarmed... She has a deceptively youthful appearance, due to caring meticulously for herself over her many years and many magical alterations. Her accent is unmarked and well-traveled; her voice low and melodic.

Upon closer examination by one, extensive tattooing may be visible. Both arms are sleeved by arcane symbols (some may recognize these as being runes and signs of necromancy and transmutation), chest piece and full back, and a foreign design (of Kara-Tur) covers part of her neck, throat, and curls up behind one ear. A thin scar encircles her neck, slightly below the jawline.

She wears her fingernails a bit long and upon the chance that she smiles, slim spiderish fangs, black in color, are obvious against the backdrop of straight, white teeth.

She is not typical, nor should she be treated as such. She is an old soul and was absent from RhyDin for nearly a decade before returning and bringing her family and associates to the realm.
Spellfilcher, Mageslayer, Necromancer
Additional Notes:
Her talent lies in magecraft, specializing in Necromancy, however she dabbles in Transmutation as well. She has trained endlessly with twin longswords, and though not a bladesinger, has mastered the skill set of casting during combat. She is a magical thief and can disarm all manner of barriers, traps, or spells. She can also drain magical energy, a possibly deadly talent when used against other magical beings.

She will, often, be seen in the company of an abyssal dragon, or draconic being. This is her personal guard, Dargru'Siksta.

((OOC: This character is a fully developed AD&D character [now used as an NPC by my former gaming crew], dating back nearly 20 years. She is no longer a mortal drow, but rather a Baelnorn lich. She was present in RhyDin (AOL-based) from 1994-2004. If you have questions, please send a private message.))
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