Fiona ONeill Old Wyrm

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Custom Title:
Lady of the Knight
Character Name:
Fiona O'Neill of House Knightfall
Place of Origin:
Tory Island, Ireland, late 18th Century
Human Form:
Wavy, red Irish hair
Fair cream complexion
Thoughtful, green eyes
Thin, with very little muscle tone
About five and a half feet tall
Appears to be in her twenties

Banshee Form:
Silver platinum hair with pure white highlights
Pale skin, slightly iridescent when in sunlight
Light gray eyes that appear solid white a short distance away
Appears ageless in the same build as her human form
Additional Notes:
Invisibility and the Mist:
Traces of translucent silvery mist forms around Fiona when entering or exiting the Mist land, an alternate plane of existence hidden from the general view of the prime reality. In this mist dimension, she can walk through the physical elements of prime reality, such as through walls and living things. Fiona may enter her mists instantaneously and may bring others into and out from the plane, as well. She is also able to move faster while in her mist plane.

Voice and Sonic Sound Waves:
A naturally clear, resonant, and attractive voice benefits Fiona in vocal skills like Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Mimicry, Public Speaking, and Singing. She can subtly influence some people�s subconscious mind and emotions by changing the tones and vibrations of her voice when speaking or singing in their presence. She can also shatter small objects with a destructive sonic scream.

Memoria Myraid:
With her myriad, Fiona can affect memories. Being able to bring a specific memory of another to the surface, she can allow one to relive an incident in the past. She may duplicate another�s memories and store them in her own mind or transfer a full memory from one person to another. Depending on the will of the person and the depth of the memory, she may be able to wipe or alter old memories. She can even create new memories.
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