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Character Name:
Olivia Storm
Place of Origin:
York, England
Geek. That was the kindest thing anyone had to say about Olivia when she was at school. It didn't help that she had lurched into puberty years later than the other girls, or that even as an adult she could only afford the cheaper end of the spectacle department. Big glasses, buck teeth, and no figure to speak of were a surefire way to get yourself bullied during your teenage years.

She survived, though, quiet determination taking her through any situation where her usual good humour couldn't save her. And she's certainly grown into her looks, thanks to a little mojo bought by her twin. No more glasses for this habitual geek.

Her lustrous brown hair is usually tied back into a ponytail, smiling brown eyes shy with anyone but the closest friend or lover. She dresses rather conservatively, still shy of making a statement of herself, even years out of those bullying schools.

A media studies degree gave her absolutely nothing to work from once she graduated, but a chance recommendation from the thirteenth employer to turn her down brought her to Rhy'Din. At least here she's in regular, salaried work.
World's Greatest P.A., according to her boss
Additional Notes:
- Happily married to Johnny Storm, 2nd March, 2013.

Mother of:
- Felicity May Storm - 7th November, 2001
- Alexei Illarion Storm - 14th August, 2009
- Maria Alisa Storm - 29th January, 2010
- Elizabeth Margaret Storm - 28th November, 2015
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