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Character Name:
Human (for the most part ... )
Place of Origin:
The Gypsy is nearly five feet and eight inches, so rather tall for a woman. One reason she loves to wear four inch heels (stiletto is negotiable) is that she finds it a vast advantage being as tall as a man. Her overall appearance is always the same and yet ever changing depending on the seasons. Caramel colored hair lightens in the sun though turns more tawny gold/brown in winter and fall. Her skin tone is usually a dusky honey but this too can fade with the flush of summer, turning almost as pale as any gadji (non female Gypsy).

In the past she has favored the traditional style of the (Roma, Romany, or Romani, it all depends upon the view point) gypsy. Gaudy red skirts, plain peasant blouses varying between off-white to black, bangles and circle hoops. Lately she has taken on a more �domesticated� air with her attire, sporting designer suits and chic blue jeans. She has also taken to regularly wearing shoes though before she had only done so when absolutely necessary.
She has done much -- too much -- but she is a consultant for old languages and hard to find tomes (books). Current herbalist and one day she hopes to retire with an Apothecary shop. Works mostly out of Rhydin Library unless called to someone's home.
Additional Notes:
Dancer, legendary thief Lynx (who at first was notably trained in part to be an assassin but this gig just didn�t fit), once-upon-a-time seducer, but always a protective Mom, shows a lot of skill with herbs, excellent linguist, has promise with spells and wards, strong senses of life energy (verging more towards ley lines, i.e.; auras) and has a vast amount of experience being a top notch prevaricator!

Which is just a big word for liar �    

Strongest skill to date: survival.
She is very, very good at it.

(Still a bit under construction but here ya go)

"You're strangely brave, Vera. Hundred year old necromancers don't scare you, but snakes and spider's do." -- The Emperor
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