Cieara DeAuster Adult Wyrm

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Character Name:
Cieara Jade DeAuster
Half Duibhlaidh Elf and more
Place of Origin:
Gharnholme Realms of Carowyn
Born to The Daemon Lord of Pandemonium and a Shadow Mage of strong power and also half demon/Fallen, her nature is confusing at best, yet her humorous ways seems to have created an easy balance of all the influences presently guiding her.  Cie has the auburn hair and flash temper from her father and figure, grace and stealth along with the ice green eyes from her mother as well as the inherent ability to manipulate shadows.

Standing at a mere 5'5", she is slight in build, but has surprising strength considering her deceptive size. Usually one will find her adorned in soft subtle leathers in which the color varies dependent upon her moods. A sentient ornate dagger, called "Vestia" rides on her hip. Molded to her left wrist, is a slender bracelet, made of mithril and obsidian, whose myriad of swirling ribbons are cleverly entwined about each other. The item also radiates a very faint glow that alludes to ancient magics. Delicate in design, it is obviously the work of an Elven craftsman.
"Daughter of Pandemonium  & Shadows" Proud member of the Blood House Onyx
Additional Notes:
Considering how she was raised, she has a vast number of skills best suited to war in regard to her style of fighting. Bright and quick-witted, she has some limited magical abilities and the innate aptitude to control and travel through shadows. Cieara also takes delight in annoying her older brother Daniel as often as possible.  (All images on this profile are copyrighted to me. Will only acknowledge respectful RP.)
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I never want to lose
what I have finally found
There's a requiem,
A new congregation
And it's telling me
Go forward and walk
Under a brighter sky
Euphoria by Delirium