Lucius DeAuster Old Wyrm

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Character Name:
Lucius DeAuster
Human-born, Daemon resurrected
Place of Origin:
Straddleford, Dragons Land, The Northern Empires
Standing 6'-1", he is usually clad in bronze-chased ebon half-plate armor of archaic design, though the bronze eight-pointed compass of Pandemonium on the right spaulder is of newer addition and design. Glittering steel-gray eyes peer from under the drawn hood, and sometimes the end of a auburn ponytail can be seen. Drachmel, the possessed greataxe that is his main weapon, is always within easy reach, but other weapons and powers are at his command. A Celtic wedding band is worn on his ring finger or on a silver chain around his neck.

Should the darkness rise, bat-wings tear through the armor to spread across the room, and gleaming red eyes search for his prey, talons clacking together in anticipation of the bloodletting to come. Beware the Beast...
The Dark Soveriegn of the realm of Mercyvia, Champion and Demagogue of Pandemonium.
Additional Notes:
Trained in the ways of being an ambassador as well as a paladin, Lucius fought for the Church of Leorne in wars long forgotten, one of the greatest being the Second Dragonwars of RhyDin. Combining martial prowess with divine power, his was a path to bring light to the darkness. But doubt and the avarice of another lulled his guard. Struck down by an assassin on his wedding day, he rose from the grave as a deathknight, serving the darkness he had once sworn to defeat.

Slaver and murderer, he walked the dark paths of twilight for well over a century. His name was inscribed in the Codex Victus Mortuus, and his mountain home became a place of whispers and stories to scare children to bed. And thus he remained until his newly-chosen gods showed him the Paths of Ascension, leading him back to the land of the living and ascent to daemon-hood.

Now, a daemon-prince of Pandemonium and demagogue of the barbarous Northras, he is a force of nature, fighting to sate his lust for battle, and to avenge any wrongs done to his family and close-knit group of friends.

**Loving husband to Fiona and Myrialla, proud father of Cieara, Daniel and adopted ward Kaelyn VasDailar

At times will be served by his familiars the twin quasit Frik and Frak, a freak accident of one of his earliest attempts at magery.

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