Doran Ilnaren Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Doran Ilnaren
Place of Origin:
The firstborn child of Ebon and Phen Ilnaren, he is entering his teen years.  Doran shows signs of his father's features, but has his mother's eyes; his hair is slightly lighter than theirs, more of a dark brown rather than black.  He dresses simply most of the time, because it's comfortable and also because he doesn't want to mess up his nice clothes.  This is especially true when he's working backstage at the Shanachie, helping construct (or tear down) sets or climbing up to the lighting lofts.

Since reaching his teenage years, and thus hitting puberty, poor Doran has had a difficult time coming to terms with girls and how they make him feel.  At the same time, he finds them more and more interesting... hormones have struck in full force!
student, farmhand, apprentice techhand/actor at the Shanachie
Additional Notes:
Doran is an empath, sensitive to emotions and sensations.  He can read them in others, and can project them as well; normally he uses the latter to calm others and soothe feelings, or bolster their inner strength.  However, he has occasionally used his talent offensively, inducing terror and agonizing pain upon others.    

He has also demonstrated some gifts as a medium, interacting easily with the spirits of the dead.  On at least one occasion, he actually drew into himself the ghosts of all those who had died as a result of Raven's (that is, Jacyn Ravenlock) attacks upon the city, and was able to convince them to give up their vengeance and find peace.

For the most part, Doran is a most cheerful lad, always ready with a big grin to share in laughter or a soft and gentle smile in quieter moments.

He has a knack for handling animals, and enjoys helping out around the stables and orchards when not in lessons or working at the Shanachie.
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