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Character Name:
Victoria Granger
Place of Origin:
Truro, Cornwall (Earth)
Possessed of bright blue eyes and equally bright copper curls for hair, Victoria's physical attributes almost seem to undermine her determination and skill. Certainly without all working in conjunction with one another, she would not be where she is already.

To have gained the position of Assistant Art Director at a successful theatre at the age of 26 was quite the feat, and one she is understandably proud of. Thanks to the interference of Mataya De Luca, she then moved onto the Art Director's position at 21twelve Studios. With the collapse of the studios, she was welcomed back with open arms to the Shanachie, and to be honest, she's happier there. How many people get to work so closely with their friends and their husband?

She's good at what she does, armed with a good degree from a good university, along with at least four years of practical experience following her higher education's end. Smart and smiling, she made a point of being part of the team, and always had time to listen to other opinions. If someone's idea was better than hers, it was in, no questions asked, no egos bruised. She's good like that.

If, however, someone made a point of putting her down or getting in her way, that person was going to know pretty damn quick where that red hair came from. The Celtic temper is not one to mess with lightly. Here's hoping she can handle being a stay at home mother to four children under five.
Stay at home mum
Additional Notes:
* Happily married to Jonathan Granger, 10th August 2012.

* Mother to:-
Emily Rose - 18th February 2013
Benjamin Humphrey - 12th April 2014
Madeline Diana and Christopher Jon - 16th October 2016
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