Leonidas Heracleides Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Leo Heracleides
Place of Origin:
South Dakota, US, Earth
It was said - the night he was born, in the light of winter's first full moon - that a chorus of wolves called out in blessing from all sides.

He doesn't believe it, of course. That's what his mother told him, but his mother was crazy. After all, his birth certificate shows the name of the hospital he was born in. In the middle of a city. His mother couldn't possibly know what was happening outside of that.


He remembers the old men his mother took him to see. How they all smiled at him. as if they knew something he didn't. They way they talked to him, as though they were talking to someone that was to be revered, calling him the Wolf, Sage of Winter and other names.

Often one or another of them would take him him on long walks in the land of his mother's people, teaching him about everything they saw, explaining how each thing was important, interconnected. An everlasting web of life, a circle that could never be broken, they told him.

He never did know what to make of it. And when his mother died in an apparent suicide when he was ten, his father came to take him away from all of it.

A more practical parent than his mother, by far, his father - a former Marine turned security chief for a very lucrative casino in Las Vegas - raised him by himself.

Together with that and school and the life of a growing boy in Sin City, he's forgotten that early life with his mother and his mother's people.

Lord of the Tower, Overseer of the Order, Chieftain of SkopiĆ”
Additional Notes:
He has no problem handling himself. Dad saw to that, and what he didn't teach the Marine Corps filled in. And after they finished with him, he went back to Vegas to work and to learn even more.

But - there's always a but, isn't there?

Not for naught are his mother's people so respected. A people of such power that even today their burial places are left untouched while the world around them continues to evolve, that same power flows through his veins, blended with the genetic heritage given him by his father, and awakened in the aftermath of events past to create something wholly unexpected...
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