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Character Name:
Eregor Túr Gairdín
He looks human, although a bioscan will reveal oth
Place of Origin:
Lean in body, Eregor tends to dress with an eye towards sharp suits; the one constant is his elegant black longcoat.  Due to recent events, his appearance has changed, with dark hair and brows, deep brown eyes, and an occasional goatee.

He resides in a small, windowless tower in the forests south of Rhy'Din, just off the road leading to Stars End Spaceport.  This suits him well, as he seems equally comfortable whether in the magical sections of Rhy'Din or the high-tech starfarers' haven.
actor, teacher, gardener, musician... and more
Additional Notes:
Though he rarely speaks of his past, Eregor has let slip a few things.  He was once a Time Lord, but fell through a rift between worlds and ended up somewhere with... different rules.  Upon finding himself unable to return to his native continuum, he adapted to his new reality.  While he eventually learned how to cross between universes with intent, by that point the world of his birth was no longer truly home.

His experiences have changed him, perhaps more than he cares to admit.  Where once he relied on entirely on science, now he is equally familiar with magic.  Before he travelled time and space in his fantastic vessel; now he can step between moments as easily as one might walk across a room.  Ebon Ilnaren once described him as having "the Nexus in his blood" and perhaps that is as good a description as any.

For himself, Eregor is happy with his gardens and orchards, an interest in dueling as observer and occasionally as participant, and a life in theater and film.

Once an incorrigible flirt, he has long since found his attention drawn to the lovely Rhiannon Brock.  Having found friendship growing into love together, the two were married on 27 July 2013.  Their first children--Alinar John and Colleen Orella--were born on 31 October 2014, while Brian Vincent came a few years later.
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