Fallon OConnor Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Fallon O'Connor
Human, perhaps
Place of Origin:
Ballincollig, County Cork, Ireland
A cousin to the septuple of O'Connors, Fallon was brought up right along side of them. She had a couple of siblings of her own, big families being a tradition of the clan, but she was found with her cousins almost as often as she was her own brothers and sisters. She kind of liked it that way.

She had a classic look. Fae-like appearances, blonde hair that was wavy and full, and blue eyes that were brilliant and clear. The latter upon closer inspection, however, would be proven not quite true as sectoral heterochromia tampered with them by bringing a single streak of brown through the lower outside corner of the left eye. A mark of something impure, as silent as the truth of that mark went. But after all, purity could only be so much fun, right?

She was that laid-back, easy-going type of girl, always able to whip up a quick remark and roll with the punches. It didn't matter how little of a time Fallon had lived in one area, she always seemed like had been there for years.
Potter, researcher
Additional Notes:
She was a potter by trade and choice and loved every minute of her craft, the moments where she was sitting in front of her wheel playing clay between her fingers being some of her happiest.

She wasn't bad with a guitar either and had one of those voices you could just picture hearing in the corner of some smokey bar, all wrapped up in her own little world.

But there was just something else about her, something that didn't sit quite right. She wouldn't be saying anything about it, not to just anyone anyway, but she couldn't quite hide it all the way either. She didn't know how. That kind of happened when you weren't quite normal.

And Fallon was far from.
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