Luke Boudreaux Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Lucas James "Luke" Boudreaux, Junior.
Place of Origin:
Broad at the shoulder, narrow in the hip.

Brown hair, tinted with red from the sun and pre-mature gray streaks gifted from his mother's side of the family.

Deep, piercing, green eyes with gold flecks seem to take in everything around him, even when most think he's paying little to no attention.

He prefers the worn look. A scruff of beard, a comfortable pair of jeans, worn brown boots.The right, a glint of steel from shifting with his toe, the left warn and dirty. Shirts vary from tee to button down. He can clean up, and if occasion calls for it, does just that.

His height and build, are gifts from his father's side of the family. Lean muscle, and slightly above average height and his complexion, a sun-kissed light brown and smooth to the touch, save his calloused hands and fingers.

Rarely is his voice raised, and rarely is it needed to be. His demeanor is calm, his look, cool.
Private Investigator, Crazy Cajun.
Additional Notes:
He started as a law breaker, a way to shame his father. The life of a spoiled rich kid, so there are things from that life he still uses. Grew up to be a New Orleans Correctional Officer, and Cop, meaning there were more skills picked up along the way. Firearms, blades, fists, head, knees, quoting a movie he loves, "Strike out with all limbs, like an octopus that plays the drums." Tracking, Following without being seen, most times. Photography and filming, as well as knowledge of the cameras he uses. A hunter in his past, a fisherman in younger days, outdoors is no bother to him. After a run in with demons, he's studied them, and learning various ways to deal with hellspawn. Gambling, card trickery, and the art of many forms of shuffling a deck. Amateur magician, working on sleight of hand, palming, ditching, and other ways on making objects disappear. Damned handy in the kitchen. Life now involves tracking missing persons, photographing cheating lovers, and even apprehending the occasional bad guy to turn over to the watch.
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