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Caroline Granger
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Brunette and brown-eyed, Caroline is hardly difficult to pick out from a crowd as being one of the numerous Granger clan. Not one of the distinguished elder cousins, and not one of the hip young crowd either, she's happy where she is for now.

Maneuvered into taking on the leadership of the Guild, Caroline is still feeling her way through the day-to-day running of such a huge business empire, amid all the dramas that come with being one of the sprawling Granger family.

Fairly easy going, Caroline gets on with most people, and it takes a fair amount of effort to actually make her lose her temper. She's generally a cheery sort, always ready to make a new friend if one passes her by, and is not above inserting herself into a fistfight to break it up if she has to.

And with the Grangers, there's always the chance that she will have to, at some point.

Above all else, Caroline Granger is a Good Girl. If anyone is in trouble, she'll do her damndest to get them out of it, and often is called upon to round up the wayward younger generations from wherever they have disappeared to. Make no bones about it; being a Good Girl is highly overrated.
CEO of GrangerGuild Conglomerate
Additional Notes:
~*~ Mother to Jack Alexander, born 22nd September, 2012, and Tess Belle, born 8th March, 2014 ~*~

((If anyone fancies being a member of the Granger extended family, feel free!))
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