Tala Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Human; Mord-Sith
Place of Origin:
Supple red leather, a long braid of blonde, and the slender Agiel sheathed by a hip. These were three of the most prominent displays that deemed this woman to be that of the ranking of those known as the Mord-Sith.

A body rendered athletic due to hard, unmerciful training would be hidden beneath the encasement of the red leather suit that her kind was known to wear, the ability to move going unhindered by the resilient attire. The long, tight braid of multiple shades of blonde hung down between shoulders, teasing at the base of blades. Eyes of a shocking blue, crisp in their clarity and cut, were acrimonious and cold, harsh in their judgment and unrelenting in their stare.

Aside from her own body, the Agiel was the weapon of class and choice for the Mord-Sith. Appearing to be that of a simple red leather rod that could hang from a thin golden chain by her wrist, the Agiel was the Mord-Sith's constant companion even despite the pain that erupted each and every time it came into hand. It was well worth it, for it was nothing in comparison to that which she could inflict upon those that so found themselves the recipient of its simplest touch or most forceful of blows.
Additional Notes:
Tala had come to reside in the realm of Rhy'Din in an unknown way and for unexplained reasons. All that was known was that she had come to take her abilities and skills as a trained Mord-Sith and put them to use in the profession of that of a Slaver, the breaking of men and women being a specialty of hers and one that she displayed with chilling pride.

((OOC Note: This is an **ANTI-MAGIC CHARACTER**. She is an adaptation of the Mord-Sith from the "Sword of Truth" book series and the show "Legend of the Seeker". As a note to those of you that are familiar with these, there may be alterations to the character and her "race", so if there is something a little different than what is in the books or TV series, please be kind and understand that I may have seen the need to alter her in order to best fit into the world of Rhy'Din. If you are not familiar with them, the two links below are provided to give a general idea of them and their chosen weapon. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to IM me. Even though I play Tala, it doesn't mean that I'm like her.))

((Information on Mord-Sith:

((Information on the Agiel:
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