Fiora Shantalaine Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Fiora Shantalaine
Place of Origin:
Three Kingdoms
A lot can change in one year.

She's still a spritely young woman with a mop of russet curls, but they no longer are held in a  tangled curly mass. The long fall of auburn highlighted brown has been partially tamed in any number of ways, though she has yet to have any surefire success in keeping that heavy weight of silken tresses from slipping free of any hairstyle she attempts, where it usually licks down her back in wild abandon, curling and bouncing where it wills.

Slender and agile, she dresses in any garb that works; though no longer is she an urchin but a successful business woman with a love of all things fashionable. Due to her petite size (two inches over five feet without the heels) she stays away from long dresses that only make her appear shorter. She loves ruffles and bows, short skirts and awesome heels (now that she's learned to walk in them). She still misses being wrapped in her father's heavy wool cloak - the fleece lining smelling faintly of his pipe. (And the one grudge she harbors has not dissipated:  Some big Slimy Green Orc ate it, Jolly Green Grossman in fact, and JGG is her mortal enemy now. Someday she will do things with his tusks that shouldn't even be imagined but that will scar him for life. "Uhragrar Glorerd, some day buddy I'm gonna get big and tall and strong and mean and hurt ye but bad").  

Her lineage is that of a gypsy and can be seen in her golden hued skin. She vibrates with the intensity of a kitten: always curious, always in motion, always ready to pounce on something new...unless she's tired and then she's out, though no longer does she sleep on the hearth at the Red Dragon Inn, now she has made her life's mission to find homes for everybody she encounters.

Fiora now possesses her very own unique scent created by Elessaria. Calling it "Vivacious Celebration" Fiora smells as close to 'fun' as a person can. For an actual break down of the scent check out Heart Notes Parfumerie. (Thanks Eless you're the bestest!)
Realtor of RhyDin
Additional Notes:
An acrobat by trade, she discarded that career for that of an itinerant merchant due to circumstances unforeseen and now she's discarded that one for a realtor's license (easy enough to get on the internetz).

She possesses a mouth that doesn't stop, a high bubbly energy level that tends to run over people who make the mistake of stopping in her way, and a genuine joyful affection for the world at large. She has never met a person she didn't at least try to like.

According to the RhyDin Post she works too much, earning her a variety of nicknames.

She's still learning the customs of the people here though she has a better grasp on Birthdays, Christmas, and Baby Showers now.

A true RhyDinite in the sense that she uses magic, technology, and sci-fi oriented items interchangeably to the amusement of probable failure on all accounts.

Plays a mean game of soccer and is learning how to ice skate for the enjoyment of Hockey, though her real dream is to drive the Zamboni.

She is undoubtedly (in fact she'll tell you if you let her) proud of being the owner of Plaza de Troyes. Through a ton of work, a few business dealings with the likes of Aymeric de Troyes and Alain DeMuer, she was able to build a dream plaza to house a suite of business offices for the people of RhyDin. Found in the Market District, this state of the art facility is a fully functioning magitek creation. Looking for hot sex (I mean a shrink!) in a suit? You'll find Dr. Euriya Shilo ready to sink his fingers into your brain. Something of a more spiritual nature, let the elegant Tasha Van Blaudin assist you in finding answers; a mystery to solve there's always the charming sweet-talker Luke Boudreux's private investigation firm; a supernatural baddie that needs slaying, let Shen Lei take care of it for you, or Rufus Bennett consult his library for the details. Located on the third floor are the business suites of 21Twelve Studios and their CEO Lelah Rivka. Without the smooth, deadly efficiency of JhaiNein at the helm, the Plaza now boasts a receptionist in the form of Paige Lovelace.  

A little known fact about the Plaza (With good reason) is the magically and technologically enhanced Vault in its basement. Always a good place to safely store important items. With security off the charts, this place has become a source of quiet revenue (for a pricey fee Fiora will safeguard any number of things that deserve special attention).

Though, the business that started it all remains, Shantalaine Realty.

(If you're interested in a place send me a PM, post on No Appointments Necessary Forum, or jump up and down naked while playing a ukulele. Well maybe not that last part...)
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