Eris Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Human. Or so it seems.
Place of Origin:
Mount Olympus
Eris~~The Greek Goddess of Discord.  Some might say she is diminutive, standing only a few inches over five foot tall.  While that may be true, what she lacks in size is more than made up for in attitude. Jet black hair with smoldering, dark brown eyes, the woman will stare down any challenger without batting an eyelash. Growing up in a family like hers, that's just her way. Stand up for yourself or they'll do something awful to you. Open the myths and legends if you want to find out just what. Full of evil deeds because of jealousy, pettiness or plain greed. Like to say her attitude is a bit better. Honestly, just depends on the day.

Eris was a handful as a child. Only worsening as she got older. The pantheon was her playground. She kept close to her namesake. Keeping the place in sheer chaos. There was nothing she wouldn't do or try. Nothing she was afraid of.  The girl was and still is fearless. Having moved away in search of her own destiny, there's just no telling what she'll end up doing next.

Likes: Fast cars, motorcycles or anything else that brings about an adrenaline rush.

Dislikes: Anything or anyone monotonous, boring or lame.

Age: Appears all of 25

Status:  Ask me again in the morning.

Previous Employment Endeavors: (Yes I work sometimes to try and blend in.) Gogo dancer, bartender, welder, mechanic, flight attendant..ok, I'm severely ADHD. So yeah, ask me again in the morning.

History: How long have you got?

Identifying Marks:  Tattoo of constellation Orion on left hip. I had a thing for him.

Weaknesses: Her propensity to cause trouble is only a plus when it's wanted.'s a bit of a downer.  She's petitioned Zeus to allow her to become mortal. Remove her  godly powers hoping it would also stop the issues that follow. Maybe, just maybe, she'll find a piece of happiness for awhile.  ..which means right now she's a weak as any human.

By nature, she's not an evil person. Bit of a prankster, might need more of a censor on her mouth in certain situations, impulsive and quick to bite. Literally sometimes.  Her gifts from birth tend to be the ability to lead people down the wrong path. Somewhat like the devil's advocate. Talks people into going along with things they know darn well are wrong. If it looks fun, it's fun. They might lose a hand in the process. But they've got an extra one!

She spent plenty of time on earth. Where?  Oh wherever a coupe took place, war or some sort of uprising. Newsmakers. Wasn't her fault. That's her story and she's sticking to it.

Little of this, little of that.
Additional Notes:
I tend to be on the shy side. But, if you want to RP, even if just to kill time, ask and I'll probably jump right in.
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"Be the type of woman that  when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says "Oh Crap, she's up!"