Delilah Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Delilah Wylie
Mostly Human
Place of Origin:
Delilah stands a petite and sultry five feet, two inches tall, with long, dark hair and dark eyes.

(Salma Hayek)
Theater Performer/Acting Coach
Additional Notes:
Born the only daughter among seven brothers to a nomadic clan outside the city of RhyDin, Lilah left home as a teenager to escape an unwanted marriage and joined a traveling theater troupe, where she thrived as an actress and met her future husband.

She remains on good terms with her brothers, but wants nothing to do with her parents or the rest of the clan. After years of traveling the continent extensively and exclusively as a member of the Starlight Traveling Theater Troupe, she has finally decided to set down roots in the city, where she and husband Kit help run the Rosita De Luca School of Performing Arts.

Besides singing, dancing, and acting, she knows a little herbal medicine and has a gift for precognition, but she doesn't flaunt it.

- Married Kit Wylie, 1/1/17.
- Son Leo born 12/20/18.
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