Az Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Az ("Ahhz")
Az puts in little effort to blend in with the masses of humanity, using no Glamours to hide his other worldly nature, conceding only to wrap himself in fashions that wouldn't be out of place on modern day Earth.

He looms at a height of six-foot-four with a willow-branch thin, sinewy build. Broad shoulders taper down to a narrow waist, pale skin taut over bone and muscle in between. He is marked, head to toe, with dark brown splotches that match his hair. More than just in his nose and ears, woven through the tangle of his long hair, golden rings are embedded in his skin, flush and flat. They march along the backs of his arms and legs... and elsewhere, to be sure.

His eyes are a pale, pale green, pupils faint and slit like a serpents. His ears come to tall, tapered points, but don't think to mistake him for an elf. Some might be surprised to find he doesn't come equipped with a forked tongue.
Additional Notes:
Az has a silvered tongue, an unsubtle gift of persuasion, and a passive, charming aura.

Those looking for a spot of chemical entertainment might hear his name bandied about.

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