Eddie Blake Young Wyrm

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Character Name:
Edward Jain Blake
Place of Origin:
DOB: 04/18/1991
Age: 26
Ht: 6'6"
Wt: 215.6 lbs, or 15.4 stone
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Burnt Sienna
Hair: Dark Brown with auburn highlights
Opportunist/Gold Digger
Additional Notes:
Eddie's quick to smile and laugh, at himself or others. Charming, witty at times, he's not afraid to turn nasty if the situation calls for it. Drifting for the past several years, he doesn't dress like a man who's ever been down on his luck, however he saves his traveling clothes for just that. A few scars mark his face, a sign that he's been in more than one fight. Sometimes a guy has to earn money the hard way, right?

He's happy to buy you a drink, happy to buy one for himself. Eddie's just as happy to let you foot the bill for those, and anything else.

Ask him what he does for a living. He'll offer that he's just gotten into town. Ask him what he wants, he'll answer with as much as he can get. The quick grin he throws up in the wake of those answers will remind some of someone else, if only they could put their finger on who.
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