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Character Name:
Claire (Farron) Gallows
Place of Origin:
Bodhum, Cocoon in the atmosphere of Gran Pulse
Take a buck twenty and stack it to an athletically lean five foot, seven inch height. Crown it with a wild wealth of pink, less Pepto Bismol and more pale bubblegum, to frame features cut from granite and smoothed to a sand worn polish. High cheekbones, a sharp jawline, and a subtly full mouth, as alluring as they might be, were fairly inhospitable hosts for smiles and the spread of laughter, scowls far more at home on the tense lines of her expression. She was beautiful in the cold way that ice could be though she was far more broken, shattered glass that reflected the most brilliant of rainbows but was just a little too sharp to hope to touch without cutting yourself. A paradox of fragile and tenacious, she was equal parts delicate ice queen and powerful warrior, exquisitely graceful bone structure and long, sinewy musculature. Shades of blue, somewhere between aquamarine and turquoise, filled wary eyes prone to scrutinizing squints and harsh glares. They're the easiest indicator that she isn't nearly as young as she looks.

Beyond initial impressions, she is more than even she can comprehend. Beneath the surface, her very being speaks of life, death, and rebirth, of balance, and of loss. Though she is still learning the weight of each, she and they are well acquainted. Between the hard walls of her outer shell and the underlying driving forces behind her power, she remains a steadfast protector of the weak, the innocent, and of those she loves. Though loyal to a fault, her trust is hard gained but once won is one of the more valuable assets she can offer.

When duty and family doesn't draw her away, her time is split between a number of endeavors throughout the city. Foremost, Team Dirty dueling begs a fair amount of attention as both co-founder and de facto captain. If not at a dueling venue or the Caelum Training Centre, she's easily found at the Sassy Owl Saloon, a bar and grill in the marketplace; the Dragon's Gate Orphanage, a children's home in Dragon's Gate; or the Farron-Queen Memorial Youth Centre, an outreach program in Dockside. After upheaval upset the entire balance of her personal life, she's far more often -not- found, preferring instead the privacy and calm of being at home with her kids, Averia, Alexander, and Jake, and her husband Cooper.

Typically, she can be seen wearing a pendant around her neck made of bone and carved intricately into the shape of three connected turtles. On her left hand she wears a ring made of wood and river rock set with the 88th & 89th Outback Diamonds, and a thinner band stacked with it, both a symbol of her commitment to her cowboy.

Mother to Averia Luna (31 December 2014), Alexander Lucis (1 January 2015), Jacob Ezekial (21 September 2017). Wife to Cooper Gallows (5 June 2017).
Shepard of's a long story
Additional Notes:
Her athletic prowess has translated well to the dueling sports of Rhydin and she has held several titles in all three sports, including Overlord (DoS) and Archmage (DoM) as well as Keeper of Fire, Earth, and Water (DoM), Baron of Seaside, Old Temple, Old Market, Dragon's Gate, and Dockside (DoS), Diamond of the Outback (DoF),  and holder of the ShadoWeaver and MoonBeryl Opals (DoF). She excels in armed combat, relying heavily on a battered and worn gunblade known as Overture, etched with Etro-script quite similar to her sister, Serah's bowsword. Unarmed, she's still not weaponless since she's quite capable when it comes to unarmed martial arts as well as the use of Chaos magic.

As her home realm's deity of death, rebirth, and the balance of life, she has the ability to guide/control wayward souls. Her ability to do so in Rhydin is fairly weak though unless in regards to a soul tied to her home realm. Traversing realms and timelines comes quite easily but the amount of time she can spend in certain realms varies depending on her connections to the realm and her duties. Certain realms tied to her home world are difficult if not impossible at times for her to even step foot upon due to the risk of upsetting the balance with her interference. Though she's decent at hiding how much it affects her, her near inability to go home is a source of endless amounts of conflict.

[[Originally based on the FF/Square Enix character of the same name/background. Now she's her own sort of person, do forgive the deviation from canon.]]
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The legends all say different things
She's a cruel incarnation of death
A merciful angel of the afterlife
A deity without divine power