Julianna Frostbite Wyrmling

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Character Name:
Julianna X
Place of Origin:
A lab
She is 31 years old

Hair: Blacker than Night

Eyes: Ice Green

Skin: Pale and flawless, save for a tattoo of a pair of Lovebirds with the initials JF/JC. Place? None of your business.

5'11, athletic build but all the right curves in all the places a woman should have them.

She was drugged and dropped off in Rhy'din a few months ago, her memory summarily wiped save for a few flashes of her former life ranging for childhood to just before her memory was messed with.

She recently discovered that the flashes are not HER life, but that of another. The person she was cloned from. She is the Tenth installment actually, referred to as Julianna X. She is attempting to flesh out her own existance but the people involved in her creation are making that impossible.

The more she finds out about her creators, the more she wants to destroy them. She refuses to be anyones pawn.

She is a strong woman, sarcasm is a service she provides often. She is a tough nut to crack but she is loyal and trustworthy, even though she extremely guarded with her own inner thoughts. She is very independent and enjoys her whiskey.

Despite the cold and distant feel she can give off, those who choose to approach her, if they can get past the sarcastic and hard shelled exterior, may just find a genuine person with emotions like everyone else.
Security for Batten Industries
Additional Notes:
She is dangerous, especially when cornered. Her strength and speed are enhanced well over what her frame would suggest. She can assess a situation and plan things out 10 steps ahead before anyone else can make a move.
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