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Character Name:
Gigi Granger
Place of Origin:
All leather with only a trim of lace. Caramel skin beared proof that this particular branch of the Granger bloodline had been mixed in more recent generations. An adrenaline junkie (though she knew plenty of worse types of junkies), Gigi was pierced, inked, and easily pissed off.  She spent too much time erecting steel walls and iron gates to possess the kind of soft, graceful beauty her mother wielded with such little effort. Few knew what type of heart she kept tucked away under so many hard lines and jagged edges.
Additional Notes:
Gigi might be forced to accept she can't escape her family's legacy--her first name alone proved that-- but she'd do everything in her power to subvert it. She blamed her father's ceaseless insistence that each of his children uphold the age old tradition of producing the raw materials for the GrangerGuild conglomerate, tracing all the way back to Raleigh Granger himself, for ruining all of her siblings, both living and dead.

He wanted her to grow something? She'd do just that. But while his sprawling farms produced cotton, wool, and the like, Gigi's greenhouse supplied the city's dark underbelly and its black market. While she dabbled in a variety of goods, some more harmless than others, it was her skill with the tayola plant that reaped the highest rewards and the most dangerous competitors. When processed correctly the plant's leaves made up the thick black liquid known as yola, devil's pudding, slick oil, grease, vortex, and a host of other slang names. Recreational users and addicts alike looking to "slide" need only ask their friendly neighborhood dealer. It was a drug for people wanting to disappear for awhile and in a city populated with vagabonds and misfits business was booming.
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