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« on: August 02, 2021, 01:44:19 PM »
Once again, just another bump. Hopefully, we'll have more soon!

Same as above. Sorry about that!

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Once again, just another bump. Hopefully, we'll have more soon!

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Yes, we are still around. Yes, we will have more sometime soon. That is all. ;D +viking+

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« on: December 10, 2020, 02:24:57 PM »
True Love Ways - Buddy Holly

Just you know why
Why you and I
Will bye and bye
Know true love ways

Sometimes we'll sigh
Sometimes we'll cry
And we'll know why just you and I know true love ways

Throughout the days our true love ways
Will bring us joys to share with those who really care

Sometimes we'll sigh
Sometimes we'll cry
And we'll know why just you and I know true love ways

Throughout the days our true love ways
Will bring us joys to share with those who really care

Sometimes we'll sigh
Sometimes we'll cry
And we'll know why just you and I know true love ways

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Just something funny to bump the folder. ;D

Disposable Heroes / Re: The Arrival of Thing #4
« on: July 22, 2020, 05:18:40 PM »
"I guess not," Sam reasoned. He still didn't think it was the same thing. He thought babysitting his siblings was better practice, but he supposed she had a point. "I didn't know you wanted a dog," he said.

"I don't know if I do, that's the problem," she laughed. "We can talk about it another time."

Jo shook her head, laughing at the pair of them. "You two can be adorable at times, you know?"

A dog wasn't something Sam had seen during his little peek at the future, but that didn't mean they hadn't had one. He was confident they were going to have kids anyway, when they were ready. The whole Atlantis thing still made him nervous though, and sometimes he wished Becky would just give the whole thing up.

"Thanks, Mom," Sam said, unsure if that was meant as a compliment or not. They weren't children anymore, after all, but she had told him often enough that he'd always be "her little man". Sam brought the cup of tea over to Becky and join the trio at the table. "He seems like a good baby," he remarked with a nod of his head to Johnny. It was hard to remember that far back, to when he was Bertie's age and Johnny had just come home. It had been a very different world then.

"So much better behaved than the twins were when they popped out," Jo said in amusement, sipping her coffee. "I don't think I've actually heard him cry for more than a couple of minutes - just enough to get our attention so we'll come over to him. Hope could scream for the Olympics."

"Johnny was always ..." Sam trailed off, a thoughtful frown on his face as his mind went back to childhood, to that of Hope and Johnny in a world where there was little hope for the future. He and Hope had changed all that by traveling to the past; they had made a better future for themselves, only Sam had decided to remain in the past. "I don't remember much about him when he was a baby, but he was a good kid. Quiet, thoughtful. We were pretty close."

"I like that you all have such different personalities but with so many similarities," Jo said quietly. "I'm glad they get to grow up together. It's not good to be an only child in a hunting family."

"I don't know anything about Anna though," Sam said, still frowning, a little lost in thought. She was an anomaly to this time line - someone unexpected. He'd had a little glimpse of the future Anna, though, but he'd already told them about that.

"I think that's good for you," Becky said, gently raising Johnny up onto her shoulder as he started to wriggle in her arms. "You struggle enough knowing what you know about what might be coming. Having a friendly who is also a complete unknown kind of grounds you in the present."

"It gets confusing sometimes," he admitted. It wasn't easy trying to keep two timelines straight, much less three. He had a feeling his parents understood, seeing as how they were from an alternate timeline of sorts of their own.

"Yeah, it does," Dean agreed. "But you can't let it mess with your head, Sam. You have to live in the now. The future will take care of itself."

"Here." Becky shifted, moving to lay Johnny into his biggest big brother's arms. "Get in touch with the present before he decides I'm so comfy, I'd make the perfect toilet."

Dean snickered. "Don't worry. He already did that just before you got here," he assured them. He should know; he was the one whose lap got pooped on.

Sam set down his mug to cradle his youngest brother in his arms, looking down into the face that would grow into a familiar one. "You know, I think if things had been different, Mom and Dad might have had another."

Drawing one foot up onto her chair to hug her leg, Jo watched her sons with a gentle smile. "Things are different," she mused. "But we already have another. Who knows? It could happen."

"No, I mean ..." Sam lifted his head, meeting his mother's gaze. In his glimpse of the future, Johnny had still been the youngest, but he and Becky had had two children with another on the way.

"Sam," Dean interrupted, reaching toward his eldest's to draw his thoughts back to the present. "I know it's weird. Believe me, I know, but try not to worry about it. What will be will be."

"We're in a better place than we ever thought we could be," Jo added. "We're in it together, all of us. And no one can take the Winchesters down when we stand together."

"Damn straight," Dean said, smiling proudly at his wife.

She was a Winchester now. They were all Winchesters. They'd been brought here for a reason, and here was where they were going to stay. Saving people, hunting things ... it was the family business. And it would last many more generations to come, if the current crop had anything to say about it.

Disposable Heroes / Re: The Arrival of Thing #4
« on: July 22, 2020, 05:18:25 PM »
"Well, you only have yourself to blame," Becky informed him, setting the bag down to gently nudge Sam toward the kitchen with them. "Half of them is all you, Mr. Winchester."

"Yeah, well ... I'm not seven anymore," Dean pointed out. He could hardly remember when he was seven. The past all seemed kind of surreal to him now, but maybe that was because he'd finally put the past behind him to focus on the future.

"If they're wearing you out so much, why did you have another one?" Becky asked with a teasing grin, taking the opportunity to peek over Dean's shoulder and get her first proper look at the baby brother Sam had told her so much about.

"Good question. Can you answer that, babe?" he asked Jo as he moved over to pour himself a cup of coffee, one handed. Newborns were easy, so long as they weren't colicky. Five year old twins were what was wearing him out. He arched a brow as he noticed Becky peeking over his shoulder. "You want a turn?"

"Nope," Jo said cheerfully. "But she'll get it once she starts popping 'em out." She grinned at Sam a little mischievously, knowing perfectly well that a certain something had to happen before that started.

Becky smirked, raising her brow back at Dean. "Can I?"

"Yes, you may," Dean replied, teasing Becky about her grammar, as he carefully transferred the newborn to her arms. "So, when do you two plan on making us grandparents? We aren't gonna live forever, yanno."

Taking Johnny into her arms, Becky cuddled the baby boy close, far more at home with babies these days than she had been when Bertie was born. She rolled her eyes at Dean. "Just because you two got started before the wedding doesn't mean everyone else is in a hurry."

"It's been five years already," Dean pointed out, in case they'd lost count. He didn't really mind if they waited - especially since he had an inkling about the future - but it was too much fun teasing them.

"Dad, the more you bug us about it, the longer we're going to wait," Sam countered, as he went to help himself to a cup of java.

"Maybe we want to keep you in suspense," Becky suggested, easing down into a chair with Johnny yawning in her arms. "It's funny watching you trying to work out if I'm pregnant when I say no to a beer."

"Want a beer?" Dean teased further, a smirk on his face. He had a feeling they'd be the first to know when - not if - Sam and Becky decided to have children.

"Not today, thanks," she replied smartly, grinning back at her father-in-law.

Jo snorted with laughter, handing her husband a cup of coffee. "It'll happen when it happens," she said in amusement. "Although if you take too long, I might end up doing it again myself. We kind of love babies in this house, you might have noticed."

The shock Dean felt at his wife's remark was apparent on his face. "Really?" he asked, though he knew it wouldn't be anytime too soon, considering they'd just brought a newborn home. "You are re-writing my past," Sam said, with a chuckle as he put the kettle on for Becky's tea.

"What, you think just because someone's lived an alternate timeline it won't happen in this one?" Jo asked with a grin, not even addressing the fact that the future Sam had seen had been one in which Johnny was definitely the youngest.

"I think if you were following that same timeline, you wouldn't have Anna and Johnny would be the last," Sam pointed out.

"Do we have to talk about it?" Dean complained as he took a seat at the table. "It gives me a headache." There were too many alternate timelines and universes. It made his head hurt.

"Well, whatever you say, I happen to like this timeline," Jo said, cracking the door open so they could hear the chaos that was the children and the dog in the back yard. "Especially since there are puppies and cats in our future."

"Guess you're going to have to find Bandit a boyfriend, then," Becky commented impishly.

"And grandchildren," Dean muttered, not quite under his breath. He didn't seem to mind that his grandchildren would be growing up at the same time as his children. The more the merrier as far as Dean was concerned. He remembered a time when he didn't like children much, but that seemed like another lifetime ago. He grinned at Becky's comment. "Maybe you need to get a dog then."

Becky was not fazed in the slightest. "Maybe we do," she agreed, casting a grin over to Sam with a waggle of her brows. "Practice for the real deal, maybe."

"With puppies?" Sam asked, arching his brows. "I thought were were already practicing with those three," he said, waving a hand toward the kids in the backyard.

"Well, I was thinking more of a dog for us, but if you want to pay for Bandit to be artificially inseminated, we could do that too," Becky teased her husband affectionately.

"No, I mean ..." Sam trailed off with a frown as she seemed to misunderstand him.

"Do you want a dog?" Dean asked, lifting his mug for a sip of coffee.

"Are you asking me?" Sam asked, before turning to make Becky's tea.

Becky's smile softened. She and Sam occasionally misunderstood each other still, but they were getting better at sorting out those misunderstandings. "I think I got the wrong end of the stick," she said cheerfully. "What did I miss?"

"Puppies and babies aren't the same thing, Bec," Sam pointed out, not answering his father's question just yet. Wisely, Dean remained quietly sipping his coffee, tossing an almost knowing wink at Jo.

"I know," Becky giggled. "But they say that having a pet is good practice for having a baby, right? So a dog we can rent out to these guys to keep them hip deep in puppies while they're waiting for grandchildren doesn't seem like a bad idea."

Disposable Heroes / Re: The Arrival of Thing #4
« on: July 22, 2020, 05:18:10 PM »

Becky was leaning in the doorway, watching the reunion with obvious enjoyment. There was something very touching in the way the Winchester children were always so eager to go back to their parents, no matter how much fun they'd had during their time away.

"Daddy, why do I have to have a little brother?" Hope asked as Dean showed Johnny to the girls. She had been the difficult one about having a new sibling right from the start.

"Because your mom and I decided we wanted another child," Dean explained, refusing to lie to them and give them the story about the stork, if he could help it. It wasn't like they went to the baby store to pick one out though.

Hope frowned. "What if you didn't like him?" she asked. "Would you of gived him back for another one?"

Beside her, Anna nudged her sister sharply. "Stop bein' a whiner."

"No," Dean said, patiently. "It's not like buying a pet. You can't take a baby back if you don't like them. It doesn't work that way. He's part of our family now, just like both of you and Bertie."

Hope grumbled to herself for a moment, abandoning Dean in favor of claiming more hugs from the parent not holding a usurper at the moment.

Anna beamed at her father. "She's jelly."

Dean frowned as Hope abandoned him for her mother. "There's no reason for her to be jelly." He shook his head. "I mean jealous. Your mom and I love you all the same," he said, frowning a little as he glanced over at Hope, unsure how to win her over to Johnny's side. "Would you like to hold him?" he asked Anna.

"Am I big 'nough?" was Anna's reply, her big eyes seeming even larger as she lit up hopefully. She knew her limits, even as a five year old, which was probably why Hope hadn't broken any bones yet.

"If you're careful and do as I say," he told her. "Go sit down on the couch and I'll show you how."

This got Bertie's attention. "Can I hold him, too?" he asked, from where he stood snuggled against his mother.

"Yeah, you can," Jo assured him fondly, finally getting to her feet so that both Hope and Bertie could hug her without elbowing each other in the face. "There's going to be lots of time for cuddles, I promise."

Sam was watching his younger counterpart carefully, as well as Hope. They'd had a little brother, too, in their own time, but Anna had been a surprise. He knew Hope would come around in time, but it was hard giving up your place as the baby in the family. "You know, he's gonna need a lot of help from his brother and sisters growing up," he pointed out.

"But helpin' means no time for play, and that's borin'," Hope objected, turning her big green eyes to Sam with a look that he, no doubt, found incredibly familiar.

"Well, he'll want to play when he's older," Sam pointed out further. He had a hard time hiding the smirk from his face, knowing how close Hope and Johnny were destined to become in the future. Hopefully that wouldn't change with Anna in the mix.

"Will you play with me?" Hope asked, transferring her hug from Jo's leg to Sam's, despite the fact that she had been running her biggest brother ragged all day.

Behind them, Becky chuckled, finally moving to close the door at her back as she brought in the bag with all the children’s' bits and bobs. "Sweetcheeks, you've been playing all day," she pointed out. "And you managed to put away a meal bigger than your own head!"

"I'll play with you," Bertie volunteered, stepping in to save the day, at least for now. There would be time to hold the baby later. Right now, it seemed his sister needed him.

Hope beamed at Bertie, having got exactly what she wanted - someone's full attention. She bounced over to her brother, planting a smacker of a kiss on his cheek. "Can we play ball inna garden with Bandit?"

"Okay," Bertie replied, looking to his parents for approval. "Is that okay?" he asked expectantly. For now, he was the obedient son.

"Uh, sure ..." Dean replied, looking to Jo for backup. He saw no reason the kids couldn't take the dog outside to play. It would help them all work off some energy.

"Go for it, dude," Jo assured the little boy, giving him the smile that was always reserved for her eldest son - both versions of him. Hope cheered, rushing for the kitchen and the back door, calling for Bandit on the way.

"You wanna play, too, Anna?" Bertie asked the other twin, who was currently holding her new baby brother. Dean was right there so that the baby wouldn't just get dumped on the couch if Anna decided to join her siblings.

Anna looked so conflicted in that moment. She wanted to be a good girl and cuddle with her new brother, but he was kind of boring, and she knew her bigger brother and sister were a lot more fun. She looked wordlessly to Dean to make the decision for her.

Dean didn't have to read his daughter's mind to know what she was thinking: Babies were boring - at least, until they were old enough to play. He reached for the newborn, carefully rescuing her from the couch. "Go ahead and play. There will be plenty of time to cuddle Johnny later."

"T'ank you, Daddy!" Squirming just a little impatiently until Johnny was lifted off her lap, Anna wriggled down off the couch to seize Bertie's hand and pull him toward the back door, yelling at the top of her lungs for Hope to get ready for a pouncing.

Jo rolled her eyes, laughing. "I think this is the point where I put the coffee pot on and we adjourn to the kitchen."

"I wish I had half their energy," Dean complained, as he moved to his feet with baby John in his arms to follow Jo into the kitchen. He did okay keeping up, but most of his day was fueled by caffeine.

Disposable Heroes / Re: The Arrival of Thing #4
« on: July 22, 2020, 05:17:54 PM »
"The master, he says," Jo said to the dog, already stretching for the bag. "Gets started without having all his tools in one place, but he's the master." Bandit barked in agreement, though chances were it was just because she was being spoken to. Jo grinned at Dean as she passed him the bg. "Even Bandit knows when you're grandstanding."

"I may be the master, but I still only have two hands, Padawan," he teased. "And you stay out of it," he playfully scolded the dog, waggling a finger at her. "Traitor," he murmured again. The first thing he had to do was unwrap the newborn from his blankie, which was simple enough. Then, came the jammies and the onesie, and finally, the big reveal. Dean waved a hand in front of his face. "Phew, kid. You must take after your mother."

Jo snorted with laughter. "Dude, you are not making friends with comments like that," she informed her husband cheerfully, leaning back against the chair. Bandit was practically on her lap at this point, as clingy as any of the children.

"You're not my friend; you're my wife," Dean countered with a stupid grin. Jo should know he was only kidding, after all, and Bandit didn't know any better. "Okay, let's do this," he said, almost wishing he had a clothes pin so he could pin his nose closed. He very carefully unfastened the corners of the diaper, to take a peek at the mess waiting for him. "Ewww."

"Wow! That is something, all right!" Laughing, Jo leaned away from the miasma that rose from John's derriere while Dean set to work on him.

It wasn't easy to keep that hose covered while wiping up the mess, which seemed to seep into every crack and crevice available. "How can such a tiny being make such a big mess?" Dean wondered as he did his best to mop up the mess.

"Because he's your son, and there's no known cure?" Jo suggested impishly, glancing up as Bandit barked suddenly, running toward the door with her tail wagging. "I think we have company."

"Sounds like the kids are home," Dean said, making as quick work of the diapering as he could without getting hosed. He had to make sure he kept a diaper or a wipe covering that thing at all times, which was not an easy feat with those little arms and legs wiggling.

Bandit was, as usual, a little previous with her announcement of people at the door. Jo laughed as she heard the sound of a car coming to a stop in the drive. "You've got a minute or two, princess."

"I swear that dog is psychic," Dean said, though it was more than likely her enhanced canine hearing and not any unusual powers. "I got it, I got it!" he said, feeling like he was taking part in some game show where he had to finish changing the diaper within in a certain time frame.

"Don't you wish a psychic dog on us, Dean Winchester," Jo scolded in amusement, pulling herself up onto her feet to escort said dog to the door and pull it open, grinning at the sight of Becky and Sam wrangling the children out of the car.

"Too weird?" he asked, wondering if there was such a thing where they were concerned. They'd certainly seen stranger things than psychic dogs in their day. "Well, now, little man ... Are you done pooping your brains out for now?" he asked the small one.

The newborn flailed his arms, managing to rub his nose on the third try, oblivious to the fact that the people who were going to be the center of his world were accelerating toward his mother at that very moment. Bandit pranced out of the way as Jo crouched down, unable to brace herself in time as Bertie, Anna, and Hope barreled straight into her. She went over backwards with all three on top of her, laughter filling the house.

Thank God for Ayden or that would have been a very painful moment for Jo. In the meantime, Dean was busy getting the baby back into his jammies and blankie without him screaming in protest. He murmured quietly to the newborn, one hand on his tummy to soothe him before picking him back up and settling him over a shoulder while he dumped the offensive diaper in the trash.

Totally pinned to the ground beneath her older children, Jo was still chuckling even as the twins peppered her with kisses, making a point of catching Bertie's eye to smile and blow him a kiss from her prone position.

Bertie hung back a little to allow his sisters to smother their mother in hugs and kisses. He smiled at his mother's gesture, catching the kiss in his hand and pressing it to his lips. He knew he'd get a real one later.

"I told you they missed you," Dean said, moving over to greet the children, with a small bundle slung over one shoulder.

"That's one hell of a welcome!" Jo exclaimed in agreement, pushing herself to sit up as Hope and Anna turned their attention to hugging Dean's legs. She opened her arm to drag Bertie in for a tight hug, blowing raspberries on his neck in greeting.

Bertie hugged his mother close, giggling even as he looked a little indignant at her chosen show of affection. "Mom, I'm not a baby!" he scolded, though he made no move to push her away.

"Well, hello! I missed you, too!" Dean told the girls, unable to move, even if he wanted to, with one girl wrapped around each leg.

Hope beamed up at Dean, always happy to see her daddy, but Anna's eyes were fixed on the bundle on his shoulder. "Is that that baby, Daddy?" she asked hopefully.

In the doorway, Jo laughed at Bertie's objection. "Nah, you'll always be my little man," she informed her son. "Just ask your brother." She nodded to Sam through the open door with a grin.

"Yep, wanna meet him?" Dean asked the twins, looking from one to the other. "You have to be really gentle with him though because he's still little," he warned them.

"I stopped being a little a long time ago," Sam said, as he stepped inside and set the kids' overnight bags down on the floor. "How are you feeling?"

"Still my little man," Jo insisted. "I am pretty good. I think I narrowly missed a concussion there, but child-inflicted injuries are easy to handle." She grinned at Sam. "How were they?"

Bertie snuggled in close to his mother, as if he was worried about being lost in the crowd as seemed to happen sometimes when the whole family was together. "Good, but they missed you," he said, turning back to see what was taking Becky so long.

Disposable Heroes / Re: The Arrival of Thing #4
« on: July 22, 2020, 05:17:39 PM »
"What's the matter with coffee and beer?" he asked, brows furrowing into a scowl. Those were his two favorite kinds of beverage. One helped keep you awake and the other helped you sleep.

"Don't make me turn into the mom in this conversation," his little sister complained with a pained smile. "You're a big boy, you should know this stuff by now."

"So, what am I supposed to drink?" he asked, knowing the obvious answer was water, but why would he want to drink that? It didn't even have any flavor.

"Juice," Jo said, walking back into the room with a pair of glasses of said liquid - one for each of the new parents.

Ayden smirked at her brother. "See? Even your wife knows."

"What kind of juice?" he asked suspiciously. So long as it wasn't tomato. Tomatoes were meant to be eaten, not drank. He knew he should be setting a good example for the kids, but it was hard when one was raised to think Pepsi and Doritos were a meal.

Jo smirked at him. "Mango," she informed her husband. "You think I'd inflict apple juice on you? I'm reliably informed that it both looks and tastes like toilet water."

"It comes out like toilet water, too," he muttered mostly to himself, but loud enough to be heard. He held out a hand for the glass, the newborn cradled in his other arm. "Mango, huh?" he asked, wrinkling his nose suspiciously before taking a sip.

Jo rolled her eyes, chuckling with Ayden as she took a perch on the arm of the chair Dean was ensconced in. It wasn't as though he had never had mango juice before; she had been slipping it into his morning OJ for a couple of years now.

"Tastes a little like OJ," he said, hardly knowing the difference between the two. How he managed to get enough Vitamin C was anybody's guess.

"It's smoother," Jo told him, pretty sure he hadn't had a glass of majority OJ for at least four months by this point.

Ayden smirked at the pair of them, rising to her feet. "I think your circus is on their way home, so I'll leave you guys to settle in before they get here," she said. "I'll drop by with Alex and Mel tomorrow sometime - maybe even Ares."

"Thanks, sis," Dean said, with a sincere smile for his sister and an air kiss, since he had his hands full, juice in one hand and baby in the other.

Grinning, Ayden bent down to kiss her brother's temple, flashing a wink to Jo before she faded from sight.

"You know ... as much as I complain about the popping in and out, your sister has the best timing of all the people we know who can do it," Jo commented.

"I still can't get used to the fact that she doesn't use a door," Dean said. But Jo was right - at least, his sister knew better then to drop in (literally) at the wrong time. He still couldn't get used to the fact that his sister was immortal either.

"C'mon - you know that if you didn't have to use doors, you definitely wouldn't," she responded laughingly, looping her arm about his shoulders as she looked down at father and son.

"Maybe," he said, with another shrug before he reached over to set the mango juice on a table after only one sip. "Happy, baby?" he asked, turning to her with a happy smile of his own. "I know you miss the kids, but they'll be home soon," he told her, touching her cheek.

"I am happy," she promised him, leaning down to kiss his lips affectionately. "Yeah, I missed them the last couple of days, and maybe I'm a little annoyed they weren't here waiting for us, but you know what? That's me and my insecurities. Pretty sure Sam and Becky don't come ahead of us in our kids' hearts."

"That's my fault," he admitted. "I asked them to give us a little time to settle in," he told her. "Besides, did you really want them tackling you before Ayden had a chance to do her magic?" he asked, gesturing with a swirl of his hand in the general direction of her belly.

Jo chuckled. "Don't be reasonable with me, I'm still clinging to the excuse of hormones to avoid taking responsibility for my own weirdness," she told him with a cheerful smile. "But yeah, a twin tackle with a Bertie cherry on top is gonna be tough to take even without a sore middle."

Dean chuckled at the way she put that, like the kids were an ice cream sundae waiting to happen. "They love you," he told her, though she had to know that already.

"I'm glad they do," she answered softly, sliding down off the arm of his chair to cuddle Bandit a little more. Their puppy was growing, though she still had a ways to go before she would be a big girl.

"Oh, boy," Dean said abruptly, chuckling to himself. "Someone's either shooting bunnies or filling his diaper. Wanna guess which?" he asked, patting the baby's bum as if that might help him determine which it was.

"No, but I think I'm gonna make a prediction," his wife countered sweetly. "I predict that any minute now, you're gonna have an eyeful of wee."

"An eyeful?" he echoed. "What do you mean by that?" he asked, looking a little confused. The only way that was going to happen was if he changed little John's diaper.

She flashed him a cheeky grin. "Oh, I think you can work it out," she assured him. "The diaper bag is right next to you, after all."

"This ain't my first rodeo, yanno," he told her. After all, they'd had three children before this one, and one of those three had been a boy, too. Anyway, he had the same equipment. He had learned how not to get hosed.

"Hey, he got a bulls eye up my nose this morning," she pointed out. "You deserve to be baptised the same way." Bandit looked up, her muzzle swinging back and forth between them, tail wagging like mad. She seemed absolutely delighted to have her adult humans back.

"Watch and learn from the master," he told her, getting up from the chair so he could change lay the little one down on the couch and change his diaper. "Can you hand me that bag?"

Disposable Heroes / Re: The Arrival of Thing #4
« on: July 22, 2020, 05:17:24 PM »
"Well, I am forty something," he said, as if that was something to boast about. He had finally reached an age where he could demand some respect, even if he had found a gray hair recently. He grabbed the bags and the baby gear from the trunk before following her into the house. "Look who's here!" he called, not realizing Jo was making a small attempt to catch a few zees.

Her eyes opened immediately, head rising to offer Ayden a tired smile. "I thought we weren't expecting anyone to drop in unexpectedly?" she asked in amusement, chuckling as Ayden turned to put Johnny back into Dean's arms.

Dean deposited the bags and baby things on a chair before moving over to collect his son from his sister's arms. "Isn't he adorable? I think he has my eyes," he said with obvious pride.

"He's beautiful," Ayden assured him, pinching the end of her brother's nose as soon as his hands were busy elsewhere with Johnny.

"Just like his daddy." Jo snorted with laughter at the teasing, her smile growing relieved as Ayden then turned to crouch down beside her and lay a hand on her knee.

"Handsome," Dean corrected, though all babies were beautiful. He flashed a smile at Jo's compliment. She was the one who was beautiful. He looked back at the small bundle in his arms, wondering just how he'd gotten so lucky.

As Ayden concentrated, the slightly anemic touch to Jo's complexion faded, the worst of her weariness going with it. She felt the aches and pains ease until they were gone, her midriff tightening and everything on the inside healing until no one would believe she had given birth just two days before. But good grief, that felt good.

Revitalised a little, she slid to the edge of the couch to hug Ayden. "Thank you, Auntie Ay."

Dean watched as Ayden used her mojo on Jo. He could see the difference on his wife's face, on the way she relaxed and her color improved. Now all she had to do was find a way to get some well-deserved rest. At least, he could help with that part. "Good as new?" he asked as he claimed a chair.

"You betcha," Jo assured him with a grin, still hugging his sister around the neck affectionately. "Definitely good enough to handle the enthusiasm of the smalls." From the doorway to the kitchen came a cheerful bark, and Bandit reappeared, jumping up onto the couch to claim a cuddle of her own from Jo.

"All set to start on Baby Number Five?" he asked with a teasing smile, knowing it was way too soon to suggest that. "Bandit!" he greeted the dog, frowning as he chose Jo, instead of him. "Traitor." But maybe it was better that way, since he was the one with the baby in his arms.

"I think you upset your dad," Jo told the happy dog, taking her enthusiastic lick to the cheek with nothing but a faint chuckle. She rubbed Bandit's fur fondly, giving her a gentle shove, and the family pet - who was technically Jo's, but who were they kidding - jumped down from the couch to lift her paws up onto Dean's knee, nosing into his neck for a moment before peering down at the baby in his arms.

"She missed you," Dean said, grinning as Bandit gave him a proper greeting at last. There had been a time when he'd been leery of dogs, but he had long since learned that dogs and hell hounds were not the same thing. He adjusted his hold on the newborn so that Bandit could take a look and a sniff. "This is Johnny. He's your new litter mate."

"They're gonna be good friends," Ayden predicted, secure in the knowledge that she was allowed to share this because Sam had likely already told his parents about Johnny's closeness with the pets in the future.

"I hope so. I wouldn't want her to think he's dinner," Dean remarked. He wasn't too worried though. Bandit had proved good with the children, as protective of them as if they were her very own pups. "What else do you know, baby sister?" he asked, a grin on his face.

"Oooh, plenty," Ayden chuckled. "But nothing you need to know just yet. Life's for living, not for fixing."

Jo snorted with laughter. "You two are going to drive each other nuts trying to trick each other into telling the truth about everything and anything," she predicted in amusement.

"Fixing?" Dean echoed, the grin fading. "That sounds ominous." He knew the world wasn't perfect. There were still a lot of monsters in the world, some of them human, but he didn't want to worry about that now.

"You know what I mean," Ayden said, rolling her eyes. "If I told you every little thing that's going to happen, you would spend all your time trying to make sure that the stuff you consider to be bad doesn't happen, and you'll miss out on actually being a dad and a husband and all the stuff that makes life livable. Trust me, Big Bird, I got your back."

"If you say so, Elmo," he countered with another grin. There were plenty of Muppets to choose from, but none he thought really fit his sister's personality. "Besides, I wouldn't try to fix everything," he argued, feigning innocence, as he signaled to Bandit to lie down.

"Oh, you really would," Jo accused him cheerfully, rising to her feet to go looking for a drink as Bandit snuffled at Dean's hand affectionately.

Dean lifted a shoulder in a shrug. "I plead the Fifth," he said, which was as good as admitting his guilt. He waited until Jo was in the kitchen before turning back to his sister and lowering his voice to a whisper. "Is she okay?" he asked, with obvious concern.

Ayden smiled at her brother. "She's fine," she promised him. "Tired, little bit dehydrated, really missing the other kids. Just like you, in fact. Try not to hover, okay? I have a feeling she's a little put out that the kids weren't here to greet you when you arrived, that's all."

"I'm not dehydrated," Dean pointed out, though he didn't deny the rest of her statement. "Wait, she's ... How do you know that?" he asked. He hadn't noticed that Jo seemed upset, just tired. "I'm sure the kids will be here soon enough," he added.

"Maybe it's a female thing, I don't know." His sister shrugged. "They're on their way home. And dude, you are totally dehydrated. You need to drink something that isn't coffee or beer."

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Summer came to Sioux Falls and another child to the Winchesters in the way of an 8 lb 3 oz baby boy named John Morgan, in honor of Dean and Jo's fathers. He was the fourth child born to the Winchesters, and quite possibly the last if Jo had anything to say about it. Needless to say, Dean was over the moon with happiness, puffed up with pride and riding a high that was better than any drug money could buy.

One thing they did have control over, however, was keeping Olympians from dropping in to bless or shower their new son with the latest whimsy - the only Olympians allowed within a mile of the new baby were Ayden, Ares, and Demeter, and those three knew better than to drop in unannounced. Especially today, with Dean bringing Jo and John home for the first time.

Dean was hoping for at least a day or so of quiet before the family descended on them to meet the littlest Winchester. From the outside at least, the house appeared quiet as he pulled the Impala into the driveway, a small frown on his face. "You don't think they're gonna throw us a party or anything, do you?"

"I think they know better than to try it," Jo answered. She'd been looking forward to getting out of the hospital for a couple of days, desperate for some Olympian mojo to take away the aches and pains left behind from giving birth. "But hey, if you need me to, I'll stab a bitch. I have a hormonal excuse right now."

Dean couldn't help but snicker at that warning, even though he knew she was eager for one of the Olympians to pop by and give her a little of their mojo. "Think so? I don't know. Ellen seemed pretty eager to get her hands on him."

"She knows better than to try and throw a party, though," Jo pointed out, smiling as she opened her door to climb out. Johnny was in the back seat, lulled to sleep by the car ride in his car seat.

"Stay there!" Dean ordered, grabbing the keys and climbing out of the car to hurry around to her side and help her out, as if she were an invalid. Yes, they'd been through this before, and he never failed to worry about her well-being.

Jo rolled her eyes, laughing at the sight of Dean rushing around the car to her side. "You know, kid," she commented to the sleeping newborn behind her. "Your dad is one hell of a worrywart."

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Dean said, offering an arm to help her out of the car. "Don't listen to your mother. I only worry 'cause I care," he added, though the newborn in the car seat was oblivious to his parents' conversation.

"Despite knowing that I am more than capable of looking after myself," Jo said in amusement. "And you. And four children." She kissed Dean's cheek. "I guess I'm not going to be allowed to carry him inside either, huh?"

"Nope," Dean said grinning with pride a moment before the grin faded, and he looked between wife and son. He only had two hands, after all. "Stay here. Sit down and relax while I get the baby," he told her, not wanting her on her feet for too long.

She chuckled. "How about I open the front door and go and sit down on the couch?" she suggested, hoping this was a decent compromise. She was pretty sure she was capable of walking that far on her own.

"Are you sure?" he asked, brows arching upwards. It wasn't like she hadn't been through this before, but he didn't want her to tax herself unnecessarily.

"I'm sure." A few years ago, Jo might have been fiercer in her insistence, but they had been married and parents long enough by now to know each other almost inside out. "Gotta protect my boys, you know." She winked at him teasingly, moving to head for the house.

Dean frowned, watching her a moment before moving to unbuckle their new son from the car seat. "Your mother is a very stubborn woman," he told the newborn, as he very gingerly scooped him up into his arms. "But that's why I love her."

The baby boy grumbled a little as he was lifted up, but settled fast into the crook of Dean's arm, smacking his lips as he yawned. Up on the porch, Jo opened the front door and immediately laughed as a bundle of black and white fur came bounding out to greet her.

"Well, hello, Bandit! Have you been abandoned?"

Dean couldn't help but pause a moment to admire his son, his chest swelling with pride and joy and just a hint of tears in his eyes. Thankfully, no one was there to see him, not even Jo. "You are gonna be so loved," he promised the little one. Better than he ever was as a boy.

"He's so cute," a familiar voice said from immediately behind Dean. "Can I cuddle him?" Ayden rose onto her tiptoes to look over her brother's shoulder, grinning.

Dean sniffled back the tears, hoping his sister didn't notice. "Anyone ever tell you it's rude to sneak up on someone unannounced?" he asked, though he didn't sound angry.

"Probably, but where's the fun in that?" Ayden smiled at her brother affectionately. "I figured I'd drop in fast and do the mojo so Jo doesn't end up bleeding because of excited child hugs."

"She's inside," he said, stating the obvious. "You still wanna cuddle?" he asked, looking just a little reluctant to hand the newborn over, but he knew he'd have plenty of time for cuddles of his own later.

Ayden considered the look on her big brother's face in amusement. "Another time," she conceded. "You might shank me if I hug him for too long today." She patted Dean's back. "C'mon, let's get you two inside."

"It's okay. I'll have plenty of time later," he insisted, carefully handing his sister the baby. "Meet your new nephew, John Morgan," he told her.

Surprised but far from disappointed, Ayden happily took the tiny boy into her arms, stroking her fingertip along his cheek. "Hi, Johnny," she murmured to him. "Welcome to the mad house."

Dean smirked at his sister's greeting. "It's a mad world," he remarked. "Why don't you two go inside while I grab the bags?" he suggested. Maybe it was a good thing Ayden had dropped in when she had. This way, he could empty the trunk, and she could use her mojo on Jo.

"Look at you, being all adorable and grown up dad-like," Ayden teased him fondly. One thing he could be absolutely certain of with his son in Ayden's arms was that no harm would come to the newborn boy, in any way, shape or form. She still waited for him to grab the bags, though, walking ahead of him into the house to find Jo on the couch, head dropped back and eyes closed, making the most of a moment of silence.

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This is pretty much what Dean believes ...

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Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are all caught on up on the Winchesters and have brought them up to the present time period. We do have more adventures in store for them, so stay tuned for that sometime soon. And as always, thanks for reading! :)

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