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Community Events / Re: Yule Ball Fashion 2013
« on: December 07, 2013, 04:34:18 PM »

The Phalanx / Re: A package.
« on: December 07, 2013, 10:23:16 AM »
With the re-opening of the Tower and recent events concerning the entity known as Banshee, security had been on high alert in recent days. When the courier delivered the package it was indeed run through several scans under the watchful eye of D.I.A.N.A.

Dr Ibaraki was going over some nanotech designs when the call came in.

"Dr. Ibaraki, a package addressed to you has been delivered. Security scans were indeterminate. The contents have been examined manually and determined to be a female humanoid head."

The doctor's eyes narrow at that, "Any indication as to the girl's identity and sender?" Raye had a feeling she knew already.

"Labeling does not indicate sender. Labeling indicates it was in regards to Dahlia." The A.I. responded dispassionately. "A note included with the package indicates that the sender is Renna."

She tiredly rubbed her eyes at this. "D.I.A.N.A. please inform the Watch of this development. Have the head delivered into the care of Regina Appleton. If anything is needed to help with burial expenses, inform them I will provided it."

"Of course, Dr Ibaraki."

That did not stop the rage from flowing through her for a moment. Perhaps Banshee was right in what he was doing. Yet, with everything progressing the way it was, she could not help but feel as through she was a goose walking over her own grave.

The Phalanx / Re:
« on: June 08, 2013, 12:24:48 PM »
Text from Raye to Race: Sorry, babe. Got called in for an emergency. Raincheck on that movie?

The Phalanx / Re:
« on: June 08, 2013, 09:46:40 AM »
Dr Ibaraki to D.I.A.N.A.

Surgical team on Standby, Awaiting transport.

The Phalanx / Re: Disturbing Developments
« on: May 28, 2012, 05:02:17 PM »
"Take good care of her, Doc. We bot' owe her quite a bit."

She nodded, "That we do, Ed. Us and more."

Steeling herself to the job at hand she went to work on patching up one of the women she dared to call friend. With D.I.A.N.A. providing telemetry, she worked to keep the warrior on the table alive...

... and unconscious, especially given the warrior's dislike of doctors. The wounds were grievous, yet the combination of chemicals helped tremendously. She took a chance and pulled out a hypo-injector from her bag and took the cover off the tip that was keeping it sterile.

"Looks like whomever she was with knew enough to hit her with a mix to help with healing. Shouldn't interfere with what I'm about to do." She murmured as she pressed the tip of the gun to the side of her neck over the carotid artery. "The nanosymbionts will speed up the healing process and this strain will be flushed from her system once she's back on her feet." This was said more to put Edward at ease with the tech she was using.

She focused on the readings as she administered the injection. The little devices surged to the most critical location, her lungs. "D.I.A.N.A. give me a Blood O2 level." She frowned as she looked over the numbers and prepared another injection, a little riskier than the first, but she needed this. She looked in the bag for another injector, locating it. She pressed the tip to the artery adding another set of nanites to the mix to deliver oxygen to Issy's system in an rapid fashion.

Using the wireless controls in her headware and the scans from D.I.A.N.A., she started directing the nanites to the most critical areas. The lung would need quite a bit of repair. She swore softly under her breath,  "What hit her, an APC?" A rhetorical question given the nature of Rhy'din. Not the worst she has seen, but definitely a test of her skills. She also has had considerably less to work with.

She focused on repairing the damage on a microscopic level as the AI monitored vitals and periodically gave her input.

The Phalanx / Re: Disturbing Developments
« on: March 28, 2012, 11:58:04 PM »
She was still puzzling over the data on those Hell Crowns. It was roadblock after another and the alien technology made the puzzle resemble the Gordian knot. That and she could not find a *sword* that cleave this knot in two.

She set aside the chart rubbing at her eyes when the image of that golden woman appeared before her.

Dr. Ibaraki, Mr Batten has called a medical emergency.

She stood up from her desk grabbing her kit, "What are we looking at and who's the patient?" She was praying it was not the Boss man, the COO or the Security Chief. She was fond of those three.

She listened in horror as the AI recounted the injuries and the name of her patient. She was out of the office in a sprint, wasting no time in reaching Ed's location.

She owed Issy that much.

She breezed into the room, setting that bag on a nearby table and drawing on a pair of gloves.

"How is she, Ed?" She moved over to the table as she asked.

The gift was a bit of late. Took her time to procure the items on her own.

For the Coats and Cloaks for Children:

2 dozen each assorted hats, gloves and scarves.

Dragon's Tales / Re:
« on: December 18, 2011, 06:31:41 PM »
The Doctor is in.

Dragon's Tales / Re: Getcher ice hot Winterfest Raffle Tickets here!
« on: December 12, 2011, 10:40:38 PM »
Doc swung by on the way home from work. She was bearing a bag of beignets from the "Bon Bon." The Bag was place on the table and she smiled to the elf.

"Can I get a raffle ticket please?"

The bag would be left behind as a thank you.

Dragon's Tales / Re:
« on: December 10, 2011, 05:35:04 PM »
For the Winterfest Activities, you can find Race and Raye sporting the following:

Crowning of the Frost King and Queen:

Full image: Click for Larger


(More to come, I'm in the process of assembling the renders)

The Phalanx / Re: Systems Analysis and Design
« on: November 02, 2011, 06:28:30 PM »
{Approx 2 weeks ago}

"Are you sure you want to do this, Doc?" Probably the millionth time she was asked this question as she sat in the chair in a quiet little facility just within the limits of Stars Ends.

"Yeah, CK. I need to do this. The chair is a liability around here." The patient replied to her physician.

"You could come back to Sea-Gen and have it done there." The other woman replied as she prepped the hypo-spray.

"I'm pretty much persona non-gratis there, CK. The corps fragged my credentials and my rep to hell." She murmured as she prepared herself mentally for this. "Besides, I don't want to explain where I got the tech, nor do I want to expose my employer to their brand of terrorism."

The doctor just gave a look to her patient, "You are protecting a corp from another corp."

"Well, yeah. This one is ..." She was searching for the right phrasing as CK administered the injection. "I want to say... clean. You know this place is a nexus point?"

"Yeah... gives me the willies."

Doc rolled her eyes as the monitors started recording the progress of the nanites. "Yeah, well, The Shaiwase incident hasn't happened yet, if at all." There was a sharp intake of breath as the little organisms went to work. The combination of Bioware and Nanotech technology went to work at repairing and re-routing the damaged areas. "C...K, The Vat ready?"

"Yeah, Doc. You are almost ready for it."

"Help... me get in." She ground out. It was not an easy process. The doctor and an assistant helped the woman get into the tube. They hooked her up to life support equipment and a respirator. The tube was sealed and a gel was injected into the tube.

It was the last sensation that Doc felt before the anesthetic took over...

The Governor's Office / Re: The OOC Thread
« on: October 13, 2011, 06:21:15 AM »
The easiest explanation is that they followed Doc from the Inn given the fight in progress at the time of the post.

Sidenote: I often use the Cyber-eyes as a vehicle to record the events around Raye. How she uses that information is another story, in most cases, she has been purging it.

The Governor's Office / Re: A desperate call for help...
« on: October 13, 2011, 06:08:57 AM »
She fought to calm herself. The stress was already evident in the doctors voice. "I'm sorry..." She apologized as she was rolled into the office. The damage had already been done by the time the doctor reached the door.

She waited until the door was closed to the office before continuing. She felt like a complete mess up, but people she cared about were in the direct line of fire and this was all she could do. In times of stress you do not think, you act.

A long moment later, she had her composure back. "It's Renna, Madame Governor." She did not dare venture in the familiarity without permission at this point. "She has gone completely insane and attacked people at the inn again."

A looked passed between Ebon, whom she remembered from the previous attack and Fionna. "Race asked me to pass along a message. He said that her plan was to control the City with her Virii." She knew he would be in the thick of things and after the brief exchange in the Alley, well her stress level was through the roof.

She looked a bit ashamed at the way things were handled. "I am sorry, but this is what was said as she came into the inn. Here, I can show you better than explaining. My eyes are electronic... Cybernetic replacements." Which explained the strange violet iris.

She pulled a small data pad from her jeans pocket. Using the wireless interface from her cyber-eyes to her pad she quickly downloaded the scene of the attack once again... Evidence.

Renna's body smashed through the roof, her white cloaking taring as the wood and tiles ripped open flesh and fabric alike. It revealed her corset, and her mini-skirt, but that too was damaged during her entrance. The hood had been torn asunder, but some of it still concealed her face. Well. One half of it. For the few words to be uttered, Renna had gone insane. Her black hair was sprayed across her face, as wounds delivered by her entrance at the centre of the room, immediately healed. Then, she moved onto all fours, twitching, as sleak black liquid flowed over her skin. Her wild, magma eyes snapping to those in the Inn, with nothing but death on her mind. They first turn to the camera. She swiped her hand in the air, and ripped open a portal in the Nexus, "KAIN! Hell Crown that bitch... Or kill her. Kill everything! Kill them all!" The black fluid slipped past her skin, covering it in a sleak, oily skin, leaving just a blackened outline, and a moving, living mass of shadows that reached up over wild eyes, and covered her face. A toothy, spiked grin appeared across the faceless mass, and she turned eyes to Edward. And the roar, from her gaping maw, was simply, Daemonic. It was high pitched. It was hissing. It was #$%^&* off.

The camera pans quickly to the scarred man stepping through the portal Renna opened only a few seconds later.  He chuckles as he looks at Renna's state, then turns to look around the room.  "Alright, party time!"  Twin blades lift from his back and slowly circle his body.

The last sound heard was the Doctor's own voice stating "Frag"

The scene changed quickly to the Alley outside of the inn. Race's image appeared in the feed abet somewhat upside down.

"Get the hell out of here Raye" Walking her chair over the jam and moving briskly down the alley to the main street. "We'll try and minimize this s***, but I want you to go to Fio's office and let her know that Renna finally went off the deepend...completely and she's out to control the city with her Virus. Not destroy it. She's out to control us all."

She killed the feed at that point. What happened next was a private matter that did not need to be revealed. At least, even though it was second hand information, it was the scene in progress.

"I had left immediately as the fight was starting to escalate." She was very much shaken. Recent events had reminded her how vulnerable she truly was, especially with being in the wheelchair.

The Phalanx / Systems Analysis and Design
« on: October 12, 2011, 06:26:02 PM »
Still no word back on her inquiries. She was looking over the the schematics for the umpteenth time. She felt like she was missing something, something very important. What was she missing? She had the cyberware, the bioware components, but it seemed like she was just spinning her wheels.

... Too many distractions.

Too many attacks on friends, too many feelings involved. She was feeling like a burden and at the same time she couldn't get any movement on the procedure. The Armor, the superheroes... Virii...

... Virii... Symbiotes...

"That's what I am missing. I don't need surgery." She tapped a command on her workstation and brought up the data on NeoNet's Nanosymbiote and neural amplifier technology. Shouldn't be too hard to replicate, given the advanced environment.

She brought up the menus and started tapping away at the subroutines needed to complete the required programming. The symbioates could re-grow the need pathways, and the amplifiers would be able to electrochemically stimulate those pathways, helping her learn to walk again.

She shook her head, chuckling, "I am such an idiot at times. I don't need the surgery, just someone to monitor the progress."

She spent the next several hours designing and programming the soft nanites for the specific function, making copies of her reports...

The another idea hit her. Nantidotes... She had heard they were being used for the RBF vaccine. Why couldn't that technology be adapted in this case?

She spent the next several hours working up a thesis and her finding. Plus she added the data from the augmentation nanites and the nantidotes.

Maybe, just maybe, they might have an edge that could be used. But the first step would be to do the procedure.

A report to was sent off to the supervisors with a prayer that it was viable.

The Governor's Office / A desperate call for help...
« on: October 11, 2011, 06:51:00 PM »
She moved as fast as she could in that wheelchair of her's. Race's warning echoing in her mind. She knew some of what those virii could do having seen first hand. But the entire city was frightening to even the Cyber-Doctor.

No, she could not allow that to happen. She wasn't sure the Governor was in "Please... I need to get an urgent message to the Governor! The city is in grave danger!"

She could do little beg help. But is it was vital. "Please... Race said the Renna has completely lost it! She seeks to control the city with her Virii!"

"Please!" It was all she could do... Hope the message was taken seriously and delivered. She hoped that Race's name would carry the weight needed.

Her heart raced as she thoguht of Race and their parting. She hated leaving him there, but she was a liability in a fire fight. She saw that now.

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