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(Out-of-Character) / Of Elmö
« on: March 19, 2020, 05:33:00 PM »
During the "Battle Against the Chalkotu" storyline in 2014, I added a paragraph just for flavor:

Xenograg's numbered twenty-four. Xenograg had accepted six Eldicoreans into temporary service, including--scandalously--a young Eldar male. The elf was given the highest position of honor possible, that of Xenograg's personal bannerman.

It was a throwaway line solely for my own amusement. The elf was never mentioned again or named. Upon learning of the death of Teleperien's player, I looked for a way to "announce" the disappearance of her realm of Eldicor. Prior to that, I had been looking add new persons of hench to Xenograg's retinue. These two ideas came together for "Eldicor is Gone", and the latter idea launched in "Equerry".

For the record, the umlaut makes the correct pronunciation of his name "EL-meh". Blame J.R.R. Tolkien not me.  :D

Elsewhere in Rhydin / Re: Elmö's Obligation
« on: March 18, 2020, 05:52:09 PM »
Xenograg starts awake two hours before dawn with a revelation. After telling Amaltea to go back to sleep, he dresses in the dark and strides to his secret sanctum in Nestrian Palace. Passing through the magic mirror to Dojo Darelir in Rhydin City, he rushes up to Elmö's apartment. Xenograg pounds on the door to wake his equerry.

"My Lord?" Elmö asks after opening the door.

"The tomb, Elmö!" Xenograg growls. "You said the interior was defiled. Are you sure?!" Elmö blinks at the suddenness of the inquiry.

"Yes, we pointed it out to each other before the skeletons moved. Deliberate damage to statues and murals."

"But the tomb was also sealed from the outside!"

"Yes, My Lord." Xenograg takes a deep breath. His face was tense and grim.

"Then we have a problem, Elmö. A serious one." Xenograg starts cutting orders.

"Get dressed. Wake the household. Prepare a travel party. We are going to Bravetown." Xenograg turns and walks away without waiting for any reply.

Standing in his doorway, Elmö struggles to to mentally catch up to the situation. 'Get dressed, idiot!' he thinks to himself. He can think while doing that. He closes the door.

Elsewhere in Rhydin / Elmö's Obligation
« on: March 17, 2020, 03:36:50 PM »
One evening about a week after Xenograg takes Elmö into his service, the story of the young elf's very short adventuring career is told. The party foolishly broke into a sealed tomb and encountered its restless dead. One person died fighting skeletons even before the true threat appeared: a raging spirit. One member broke and fled immediately upon seeing it. The party leader, who described himself as a Templar, threw himself at the apparition but was obviously overmatched. His horrid death scream drove the remaining three adventurers to flight. The party disbanded the moment it arrived back in town—ridiculously named Bravetown. Elmö headed home to Eldicor the next day.

Something about Elmö's story leaves Xenograg uneasy for some reason. It is late, and the two men seek their beds. Xenograg will sleep on it, in Barsi.

Dojo Darelir / Equerry
« on: January 01, 2020, 12:44:06 AM »
It has been a week since the flying galley trip down to the late realm of Eldicor. Elmö has been familiarizing himself with Rhydin City, including the Red Dragon Inn. Today, he knocks on the door to Xenograg's study. Xenograg has been expecting this conversation.

"Need something, Elmö?"

"Yes, My Lord." Xenograg gets up from his small desk and crosses the room to his chair. He gestures to the sofa.

"Come, sit."

"Thank you," Elmö says as he sits. Xenograg waits for him to start.

"With Eldicor gone, I no longer have a source of income."

"I, too. While Eldicor was not my only source, it was my largest. But I digress. You were saying."

"Even living here rent-free, I will soon run out of money."

"How did you find adventuring?"

"Much less appealing than expected. Disgusting, even."

"So. You are a landless warrior of some experience, and proven in battle. The usual options are vassalage or employment, possibly as a junior officer."

"A mercenary?"

"Not necessarily. Are you familiar with the term, 'security work'?"

"Somewhat. Guarding things, places, or people."

"Yes, but there can be more than that. Threat assessment, for example." Xenograg lets Elmö sit and think. After a few minutes, Elmö sighs.

"I left Eldicor because I wanted something different than the traditional role set for me. I quickly found Rhydin too different, and decided to return home and embrace tradition. Now, that is denied me."

"You have only seen part of Rhydin. There are other parts that will look familiar enough to be acceptable."

"Perhaps, but it will never be able to walk away, home, if I ever tire of it."

"No. I am sorry." Xenograg lets silence fall. He watches Elmö for the right moment to take control of the conversation.

"Serving your family would have been a kind of vassalage, correct?" Elmö nods. "So would have serving the Queen. Or serving me." Elmö is now focused upon Xenograg's every word.

"Let me speak plainly," Xenograg continues. "I know your worth, and could make great use of you."

"In what capacity?"

"You have come at a very opportune time, Elmö. I recently divested myself of the bulk of my retinue. Now I need to rebuild it."

"Junior officer?"

"Perhaps more than that." Elmö cocks his head slightly. "Think on this: I am a baron, far from home. I have only a few guards, a groom, and a housekeeper." Elmö quickly processes the information.

"You do have a problem." Xenograg smiles.

"What is my most immediate need?" Elmö blinks, but immediately knows he knows the answer.

"An equerry."

"I agree." Still smiling, Xenograg waits for Elmö to understand. The Eldar's eyes widen, and he begins to smile. Then he catches himself, and assumes a wary demeanor.

"What are your terms?" Xenograg grins at the astute question.

"Room and board equal to my own. Replacement of all arms currently missing or damaged. A stipend."

"How much?" Xenograg's offer is generous enough to dispense with any need to haggle.

"My duties?"

"Everything concerning my personal needs. The household here is currently managed by the captain of the guard. You will take over that."

"Is either senior to the other?"

"No, equals. So you accept?" Elmö stands.

"I accept." Xenograg also stands.

"Then give me your sword."

"Its blade is broken."

"Indeed? I will replace it, as agreed. Give me your broken sword." Elmö draws his sword which is missing about a third of its length. He kneels before holding it across his palms out to Xenograg. Xenograg takes it in his palms. He holds it for a long moment before reverently laying it down on the sofa. Xenograg then draws his own sword. Elmö is surprised as Xenograg touches him upon the shoulder with the blade while clearly speaking the Sindarin rite of knighthood.

"I accept your fealty. I give you my trust in return." Xenograg lays his own sword across his palms. "As proof of this, I bestow upon you my sword." Elmö almost rises to his feet in shock before catching himself.

"My Lord! That is Nartelemna!"

"It is. The last Eldicorean sword should be borne by the last Eldicorean."

"I am not worthy."

"Then you have something to strive for: to become so."

"Yes, My Lord," vows Elmö as he takes Nartelemna into his hands.

"Then rise, Sir Elmö." He does so. "My people have a tradition. The bearer of a renown weapon takes its name as his own. If you wish, you are now Nartelemna."

(Out-of-Character) / Inspirational art
« on: December 03, 2019, 03:57:57 PM »
These images are all from the movie Kingdom of Heaven.

The first is a rough match for the livery of Xenograg and his retainers. Elfin mail is much brighter than the Man-made shown here.   :)

For Xenograg, himself, perhaps an amalgam of the two older characters.

(Out-of-Character) / Cast of Characters
« on: December 03, 2019, 03:40:39 PM »
Xenograg, sorcerer, master of the sword, exiled General of Demodar, retired Bey of Xenodar, and exiled Baron of Arra (Eldicor)
Amaltea, Sovran of Barsi and wife of Xenograg
Amanda, sorceress, Beya of Xenodar, and daughter of Xenograg and Amaltea
Elmö, exiled Eldicorean elf and equerry of Xenograg

Elsewhere in Rhydin / Eldicor is gone
« on: December 03, 2019, 03:27:03 PM »
Xenograg has just donned his training gear in Dojo Darelir's actual dojo when a guardswoman enters through the outer door.

"Master," she says, "a young male elf has just been admitted through the front gate. He bore a card. He says his name is Elmö of Eldicor." Xenograg is visibly surprised at the name.

"Elmö? This is unexpected. Come!" replies Xenograg and passes the guard as he strides through the outer door. The guardswoman falls in behind.

"Master, I left him in the stable. He came with two horses." Xenograg makes a left turn and enters the stable. A tall individual with dark hair is leaning over to check the hooves of an unfamiliar palfrey.

"Elmö, welcome to Dojo Darelir," greets Xenograg with a smile. Elmö looks up suddenly before quickly releasing the hoof and standing upright.

"Thank you, My Lord." Now face-to-face, Xenograg can see that Elmö's gambeson and trousers are muddy from a long journey.

"Come. Can I offer you a change of clothes?"

"Yes, please." Xenograg turns to the guardswoman and gestures with his head. She nods acknowledgment and departs on the errand. Xenograg leads Elmö to his study.


"Yes, My Lord." Xenograg gestures to the dry bar beside the door.

"Help yourself." Elmö quickly takes up a glass and the carafe of water.

"Thank you again, My Lord."

"You have ridden all the way from Eldicor?" Elmö takes a long, slow drink of water before answering.

"Yes, My Lord. I didn't know what else to do." Xenograg comes alert at that unexpected statement. Before he can ask, the door opens again. The guardswoman enters with a fine maroon robe and day slippers. She lays the caftan over the back of the couch and the slippers on the floor, then departs.

"Is there a problem?" asks Xenograg. Elmö's face tightens into a grimace, and Xenograg's stomach drops. Elmö puts down his glass and faces Xenograg.

"My Lord, Eldicor is gone. From Rhydin." Xenograg visibly flinches. He cannot breathe. He forces himself to sit down into his chair. Elmö walks to and sits on the couch. His eyes are shiny with unshed tears. Xenograg takes a gasp of air, then another. He drops his face into his hands.

Elmö realizes he is sitting on the couch in dirty clothes, and stands. He moves into the corner of the room and changes into the robe but leaves his boots on. Xenograg looks up.

"Forgive me, Elmö. I have only lost a few friends. You have lost your home and your family." Elmö nods acknowledgment but also offers comfort.

"Your loss is not insignificant, My Lord. All knew that you are...were as a father to Princess Erwyn."

"Thank you, Elmö." Xenograg stands and approaches Elmö. "As a matter of fact, my homeland recently became lost to me."

"So we are both marooned in Rhydin." Xenograg smiles a little.

"We are not trapped here," corrects Xenograg. "We are simply...locked out of single place. Two, in my case. We have the rest of the multiverse open to us."

"What shall I do here? What shall I be?"

"Honestly, anything you want. There is almost limitless potential. But that is for the future. As for now, you are welcome to stay here as long as you like. You are welcome in Xenodar, as well. Rest; heal; grieve."

"Thank you, My Lord. I need to do all three. At the moment, I would like to eat."

"There is an excellent tavern just down the street. Come, I will accompany you."

Realm of Eldicor / OOC: All good things must come to an end
« on: November 18, 2019, 10:23:10 PM »
The player of Teleperien and Murelle is no longer with us.


Site News / Happy New Year! Please confirm your account email address
« on: January 08, 2019, 07:37:43 PM »
I want to take this moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and to ask you--again--to please check the email address of record for all your RDI accounts.

Make sure each is an email address you have access to, one that you can read emails on.

The Admins CANNOT do anything regarding your account if it does not come from the email address used on the account. This includes, but not limited to: resetting passwords, reactivating accounts, moving folders, or changing folder ownership/moderators, etc.

It is far too easy to attempt an account hijack, especially with the various spoofing tricks that are common these days. Because of this, we absolutely cannot and will not reset account passwords or email addresses unless the request comes from the email address tied to that account. It is NOT enough to say "Well, this was my email address, surely that proves it's me" - because it does not prove anything. It is equally possible someone learned what email address you have tied to your account, and could use it in an attempt to gain access to your account. It has happened before.

Please remember this is for your own protection, and check your accounts today.

For more information:

Site News / Removed enter/leave notices in chat
« on: December 18, 2018, 10:00:51 AM »
Due to how Blab works on mobile devices, I have had to remove the custom code that wrote "Xenograg has (entered|left) the room". It is not a flaw in Blab.

I tried.

WestEnd / Re:
« on: December 15, 2018, 06:16:01 PM »
I suppose. Perhaps just first name?

WestEnd / Proposal: In Memoriam (OOC) webpage
« on: December 15, 2018, 05:25:46 PM »
For years, I have had a TODO item of creating an (OOC) "In Memoriam" webpage on this site. It has always been lower priority to fixing bugs, redesigns, et. al. The sad news that another player has died spurs me to finally make it a reality.

I am thinking a listing would consist of a real name, character names, and the year of death. Birth year would be optional, if interesting.

I need help with this. Please reply to this thread with any relevant information you have. It will be compiled into a permanent non-forum webpage.

Thank you.

Site News / HTTPS, at last
« on: December 05, 2018, 02:40:17 PM »
I have finally rolled out the use of HTTPS.

Important pages--login, forum index, homepage, live chat--now automatically redirect from HTTP to HTTPS.

Once your connection is HTTPS, it will stay for all the pages you browse thereafter.

As always, please report any errors you encounter. Provide URL(s) and any details you can. Thank you.

Since this is a security-related post, I will take the opportunity to remind and suggest that everyone regularly change their passwords. Never use the same password on two different websites, either.

Site News / New calendar
« on: December 03, 2018, 06:33:00 PM »
I have replaced the old, clunky calendar. There is also a new member tool to add an event.

Add Calendar Event

Site News / Blab Chat now shows enter & leave notifications
« on: October 13, 2018, 09:40:54 PM »
Blab Chat now shows user enter & leave notifications, in the identical format of the /me command.

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