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Arcadia / Re:
« on: June 30, 2019, 09:05:51 PM »
Time flies by!

Community Events / Re: Fright Night: Lost Souls - Dress Code
« on: November 03, 2018, 07:47:12 PM »
Hochi decided against a scary, gorey, horrific costume and decided to put his already naturally green hair to good use.

Community Events / Re: Mid-Autumn Festival: A Golden Gala
« on: October 20, 2018, 02:34:28 PM »
Hochi was never really one to get overly dressed up but he knew that the occasion called for it.  He would be wearing a fairly simple suit but that was dressed up compared to his usual standard.

Arcadia / Captain's Log of the Odyssey
« on: December 28, 2015, 10:33:12 PM »
Captain?s Log May 8th, Commander Holmes reporting:

Today we landed on an island that we were directed to by a local chief A chief by the name of Nujabe.  Please see the report about the Rhineflau tribe for more information on their Chief and their tribe. He told us about an island that they used to inhabit that was they had to leave because of wild spirts that turned people to stone. Hochi of course told the chief he would check it out and try to get rid of the spirits.

After sending a few scouting missions for the afternoon they couldn?t find any ghosts or spirits. Every squad we sent out reported seeing multiple statues all around the island in total 56 were found.  Hochi had the idea that these spirits may only appear at night, so we should set up camp on the island.  Then he would lead a scouting mission into the forests to find these spirits.  I told him we should probably just leave and tell the tribe that the island is cursed and to never step foot.  But Hochi of course has to be the hero who saves the day.

Will have a new log recorded once we send out the next patrol.

Arcadia / Re: Armada OCC! Show us some love!
« on: December 25, 2015, 02:08:00 AM »
Once I get back from holidays I should be able to get some more stories out there.
Also happy holidays!!!

Motley Moxie / Re:
« on: September 06, 2015, 01:13:37 PM »
To Lirssa

Contempt of court, I thought that was a prize you got for talking the loudest.

Ship is fine, just fine still hasn't blown up thankfully.

Arcadia / Debriefing
« on: July 19, 2015, 02:55:54 PM »
?The engines on this boat are ancient I?m surprised that they are even able to push us along.  The wiring on this ship looks more like a ball of rubberbands, whoever mucked about with it must have been insane. I saw some gum and foil holding together some wires that were giving power to our primary water pump. Don?t even get me started on the so called coolant system that they put on this heap of junk.?  Jonathan shook his head as he walked beside Hochi. The tall man ducked under doorways as they walked through the interior of the ship.  

"Well it?s your job to make sure those engines keep pushing us along and well don't blow us sky high? Hochi patted him on the back. ?All I need you to do is go down there and fix it up. Just keep them up and running.  I will head down there after this briefing, while I am there I will let the captain know about the engines.  I will come down after and help out anyway that I can.?  Jonathan nodded and headed down a different passage.  Hochi was hoping he was just exaggerating the state of the engines. His gut told him that he wasn?t though he knew that the odds of them getting out of this alive were quickly being stacked against them.  Hochi walked into the briefing room, which was really just the galley with a bunch of maps and specifications plastered all over the walls.  Most of the maps were of the waters immediately around the Welfaal Continent and the entire coast line.  Hochi looked around the room the captains or first officers of the rest of the fleet were on board.  He spotted Martin sitting in the back and toward him and plopped down in a chair absently looking at the folder of reports in his hands.

"You?re late," Martin said shaking his head.

"I'm right on time see they haven?t even-." Hochi said before being interrupted by the booming voice of the Captain.

"Everyone have a seat we are starting now! Once you find a seat shut your traps!?

"See right on time" Hochi muttered to Martin, ?You?re the only one that thinks if your not ten minutes early your late.?

?You would be late to your own funeral Hoch.? Martin replied.

?No I won?t you will make sure that I won?t be late.? Hochi chuckled and looked toward the front of the room at the spherically shaped captain.

?Glad we are all here, I want to make this quick so we can send you all back to your ships.  There is still a lot to be done with the crews that we have.  We must drill them over and over to make sure that everyone knows exactly what to do no matter what happens.?  He looked around the room running his fingers through his thick mustache. ?We are heading up to attack the port of Dolos and the Faldrig Isles. So far our primary job is to pull any enemy naval units away from the harbor and have our transports land and attack on the ground.  We will blockade the harbor and defend against any counter attack.  The Welfaal government will not want to lose their largest port, most likely they will fight to the last man and boat.  It won?t matter with a fleet this size nothing can stop us.?

?This fleet is filled with old barely floating ships.  Does he think this is the crown jewel of fleets?? Hochi said covering his mouth up with the folder.

?The Bragheim will lead the initial assault on the port, we will leave skeleton crews to protect the transports.  I want the the strength of the fleet to be attack the harbor not protecting the transport ships.? The captain went on pointy a meaty finger at the maps and showing the path that they would be taking.

?Of course this ship will be leading the assault.  This Captain wants some glory as he can muster, he even name the ship after himself.? Martin muttered quietly to Hochi.

?I know, he is going to get us all killed. This plan is just insane a forward assault on the harbor hoping that we might be able to break through.?  Hochi replied quietly then looked toward the map looking at where exactly that they would be going.  ?I was really hoping that this was going to be an easy cruise, looks like it will take about a month depending on how fast we can get this fleet moving.?  Hochi shook his head knowing that the chances of them getting out of here seemed very slim.  At least he would have some time to think of a way out of here.  Or some way to help improve the odds of them surviving this whole mess.

" It will take us about a month to be in a position to actually assault the harbor and the surrounding areas.  Every day I want you to run your men through every drill you can think of.  I want you to middle of the night red alerts, I want these men to be the best trained by the time we get there.  If you have to beat the snot out of a few conscripts to make sure that your men work even harder, have at it. Remember that they know who is in charge and what happens to those that disobey orders.? The captain said looking around the room his eyes seemed to land on Hochi and Martin.  Then moved around the room sharply sizing up all the other officers in the room.

"He wants us to flog people for making a mistake or to help pump up the rest of the crew.  Sounds more like a maniac than a captain to me.? Martin said as the captain?s gaze swung away from the pair.

?You will all return to your ships and continue to improve both your crew and your ships.  Remember the future freedom of Welfaal is up to us.? The captain moved and started to talk quietly with a few other captains.  Hochi and Martin both stood up as a passing first officer walked by muttering loudly.

?Third times a charm I guess...just going to send us to slaughter again to see if anything different will happen.?
?Hey buddy, what were you saying there.  They?ve done this assault before?? Hochi asked looking at the woman.

?Yes two other times, both of them ended in complete defeat.  They keep thinking that they can do it.  It is never enough, I have to go.? She walked away quickly shoulders slumped.

?Well that didn?t sound too good, hey think you could fill out this paperwork for me.  I told Jonathan I would help him out in the engine room.?

?One of these days you are going to have to do your own paperwork for once.? Martin said chuckling as he took the folder from Hochi.

Hochi smiled and headed out the door quickly and made his way deep into the belly of the ship.  The farther he went the more derelict the ship looked.

Arcadia / All aboard the WNS Coral Dream
« on: July 13, 2015, 09:56:09 PM »
About a month later, after a rough form of training where the only rule that mattered was drilled into their heads. That rule was, if you disobeyed an order you would be killed instantly..  No trial, just instant death.  He Martin and Jonathan were assigned to the Braugheim.  The ship was a large freighter that was patched up and transformed into a war machine.

The trio walked along the port side of the ship.  The water was burnt orange from the bright setting sun.

"Looks like a good ship." Jonathan said trying to sound optimistic.

"Looks and feels awful, I miss the Odyssey right now.  Do you know what happened to her?". Martin asked as he ran his hand over a rusty hatch.  

?Well this whole fleet that they put together is just filled with anything that could float. I can see why they took the Odyssey it is easily the best ship in this war.? Hochi said grinning ?I know where it is, I just don?t know what the heck they are doing with her though.? He sighed as they walked passed a large gun emplacement.

?From what I have heard, this new fleet they put together is some last ditch win the war scheme.? Martin said frowning ?sounds suicidal to me.?

?You worry too much Martin, we just keep cruising along and we will make it. Trust me? Hochi grinned.  He knew what they were doing was going to be extremely dangerous.  But something in his gut that they were going to be alright.  They turned and reached a junction.

?I bet the engines are great, I?ll let you know sir.? They passed through another hatchway "Well here is my stop I gotta go check in with my commanding officer." Jonathan smiled as he opened a door and headed toward engineering deep in the belly of the ship.

?Good luck, make sure the engines don?t blow up and kill us all.?  Hochi smiled as he waved after the man.  The two turned and made their way to the bridge. Each had shown enough ability in training that they had been assigned as officers.  Martin as a  weapons officer Hochi as the first mate. They had shown that they were adept enough, in the eyes of the Welfaal naval high command.

They finally made it to the bridge.  It looked like all of the technology being used was about ten years old.  The Odyssey's bridge made this one seem archaic.  The floors had a few spots that was rusted through to the lower deck.  Hochi could hardly see out the windows they were so salt encrusted with sea salt.

"What a heap of garbage? Martin muttered to Hochi.

Hochi smiled then his eyes landed on the very large and robustly sized man who was currently berating an officer on her slow response time.

"This guy looks like a barrel of fun.  He must be our new captain." Hochi smiled as he looked over the man who towered over everyone in the room.  He was so large that hochi could swear if he got close enough he would be sucked into a gravitational orbit.  He looked at the bulbous face of the man which most of the face was hidden behind a very large a bushy mustache that looked like a living creature on his face. The captain suddenly turned toward Hochi and Martin and his face seemed to be filled with disgust as he looked them up and down..

?Who exactly are you two?? The captain turned looking at Hochi, his eyes darting up to the vibrant green hair.  He looked to Martin his face still scrunched together in utter contempt.

"First officer Hochi Bird and weapons officer Martin Holmes reporting for duty." They both said simultaneously.

?Aha, finally my new I will not tolerate insubordination and you will salute ranking officers on this ship." He raised an eyebrow looking displeased.

?Sorry sir. ? Hochi quickly replied deciding that today wasn?t the day to give any sass and quickly saluted.  Mainly because he didn?t feel like getting shot and tossed overboard on the first day.

?Make sure that you don?t make that mistake again, otherwise I will shoot you on the spot. I?ve done it for a lot less.? He picked up a clipboard reading it over briskly, ?You will refer to me as Captain Braaugheim? his eyes left the clipboard and landed on the pair. ?Lieutenant Holmes go to your station, I want a full status report in ten minutes.?  Martin quickly moved toward station and quickly began to get acclimated to the archaic systems.  ?I want you to follow me.? The captain said as he turned and headed out onto the observation deck.

Hochi followed closely behind heading outside, the wind had started to pick up.  He looked out over the harbor again, this hodge podge fleet.  There was everything from fishing trawlers to large cargo ships.  They were all commandeered for this new offensive, which sounded more like a suicidal mission. Each and everyone of them were armed to the teeth.  Guns and cannons put on nearly every available spot.  He wondered where exactly the Odyssey was, he wished he could check his communication device, knowing that Aja did embed a tracking device deep in the ship?s construction, but now was not the most opportune time. One that he would have to figure a way to get out of this mess.

?What is it that you need me to do?? Hochi asked finally pulling himself out of his daydream. ?I can do just about anything on this ship.

?I am going to be honest with you.  I fought against your appointment here, some foreigners in officer positions.? The captain shook his head and looked at Hochi. ?I don?t trust you, those we conscripted into this navy.  You don?t understand why we are fighting, we have been under the boot of the Welfaal dictatorship for far too long.? The captain turned toward Hochi, ?I don?t trust you, and I won?t hesitate to kill you if you disobey any order that I give.  You are replaceable.?

"I understand sir, I am here and will obey Any command that you give sir.  I'm not about to get killed over something stupid like that.  I just let you know if feel the need to object to a command sir.  I will let you know sir.  I will not just sit back quietly and let you kill us". Hochi looked back at the man sternly. "I will give you everything I got."

The captain took a deep breath "Well then glad we understand each other then.  You obey me and maybe we won't have a problem." He held out his hand to shake and Hochi accepted.

"Glad we are on the same page then sir. It was a great pep talk I guess, now what do you actually need me to do."

"Get this rusty bucket of bolts out the the harbor we are going to link up with the 1st fleet by dusk. You and the rest of the senior staff will meet in the war room by 2300 hours.?

?Nice chat then sir?? Martin asked smiling.

?It was nice, he only threatened to shoot me once, so I got that going for me.?  Hochi looked around the rest of the bridge, ?Alright status updates now I want this ship ready to go an hour ago.? He sighed quietly as he looked around the small bridge.  What the hell had he gotten his men into this time?

Arcadia / The Welfaal Civil War
« on: December 05, 2012, 06:41:52 PM »
Hochi stood in the wheel house looking at the navigation screen, ?We should be able to see this Welfaal in the next hour or so.? He looked out at the horizon as the Calypso rose and fell with each large wave. He could smell the salty sea air as the gusting wind blew through the open Wheel house. He loved that smell, it was simply enticing better than any home cooked meal . Martin stood behind the large wooden wheel, checking the status of the engines, and making sure they were staying on the right course.

?Yeah we should, been bout a week since we we had to leave that paradise island with those girls, and those margaritas.? Martin sighed almost sadly as the memory of that beautiful island flooded his mind. ?Why are we even going out of our way to go here in the first place? Its not like we actually need the jobs, we have plenty of money between the two of us, and if we run out you can make us a few diamonds to sell.? He generally wouldn't say anything but something about Welfaal, just how pushy the people at that, gem of an island, were.  They said that there was a lot of work to be had, every kind of job you could possibly think of. From smuggling, to fishing, to just transporting people from place to place. He usually never said anything because Hochi would always give him a much larger share of the pay. But something about gave him a bad feeling, and his bad feelings were usually right.

?What, why not, its a new place, new people, new everything I  haven't been there before. Plus I like meeting new people and making connections,? having connections had helped him out of a jam in the past.  One time he had gotten into some trouble with a local gang boss. Hochi chuckled as the memory of being smuggled to his ship in a whiskey barrel played in his mind. Took him about a month to get that whiskey smell out of his clothes, even longer out of his hair.  ?Plus, doing jobs give you a purpose out here. Plus I like keeping busy. but just because you are busy doesn?t mean that it keeps you out of trouble.? Hochi turned from the nav screen and looked out at the ocean. As he looked out at the rolling waves he caught the glimpse of something. ?I think we have something.? He grabbed the binoculars and focused them at the large mass ahead.

    The large mass of land of what was Welfaal came into focus, it was a massive shoreline indeed.  It stretched further than they eye could see. The capitol of Welfaal, which was called something like Inglman city or something like that.  He could see large mountains, most of the peaks were hidden above the clouds. As they drew closer to the shoreline he scanned along the shoreline with the binoculars looking for some sign of the capitol. Suddenly a slew of skyscrapers began to appear in the distance just on shore. Just off shore he could also see what looked like a blockade made up of a lot of very large warships. ?I see Welfaal, at least I believe it is port looks pretty damn busy, they have half of a fleet of warships just sitting round the port. Some pretty tight security? He lowered the binoculars, ?Lets just try to bring the ship in nice and easy. I want to see this city, I also don?t want to end up dead for doing something stupid.? He smiled at the mere thought of seeing some unknown land. Seeing new customs new cultures, just pretty much new everything.  He had never seen buildings built as tall as these, these were thousands of feet tall.

Martin saw that look on Hochi's face, that pure excitement, pure joy. ?Aye sir, I already figured that? he spun the wheel as he brought the ship to head for the port and the blockade of warships.
Hochi moved to the weapons console and quickly shut off all weapon systems.  The closer he got to that blockade the more nervous it made him.  He wanted to make sure that he looked as friendly as possible. With the nervousness came the excitement that also grew as they drew nearer to the the city, the mountains grew larger by the minute.  They dwarfed the city that they surrounded, he could see snow about half way up the mountains. He had the instant need to try to climb one of them; maybe in a few days he would have that adventure.  He smiled as he thought about planting a green flag at the peak of one of those mountains.  He shook his head he had other matters to handle, he picked up the com and broadcasted on all frequencies.  ?This is the Calypso, we are just looking to dock for a few days.  So it would be really nice if you guys just let us on through.?  He put the mic down, it was a few minutes before a voice boomed through the speakers of the Calypso.

?You will shut off your engines, have all crew on deck, prepare to be boarded.  If you resist we will open fire.?

?Uhhh, well hello to you too? Hochi chuckled slightly turned off at the unfriendly response, ?Well they aren?t very friendly, hmmm I guess turn off the engines.  They would slaughter us if we tried anything different...? he trailed off his eyes going from ship to ship each one had every weapon pointed at them.  

Martin frowned he didn?t like this at all, he knew Hochi felt the same way.  That smile was replaced with a stern stoic expression.  He knew that Hochi was trying to figure a way out of this situation. he shook his head killing the engines he could feel the rumbling slowly fade as the ship drifted to a stop. The ship gently rocked back and forth with each wave as they sat there in silence a smaller ship, still heavily armed, headed their way.  It quickly made the gap and it came up along the Portside of the ship.  The two ships sat there rocking back and forth until a loudspeaker bellowed ?All crew must be on the deck! You have thirty seconds to comply?

Hochi frowned as he looked at the ship, there were men on machine guns aiming right at the wheel house.  ?Lets go before they kill us.? He stands up letting Martin exit the wheel house first.  He headed onto deck hands up. ?Geez! Here we are, don?t shoot bloody hell.  You sure know how to make a guy feel welcome dontcha.?  Hochi shook his head as the stepped out onto the middle of this ship.

?This vessel and its crew is being conscripted into military service.  Do not resist?

Hochi cocked his head to the side confused, ?Did he just say military service? They think they are going to take my ship!??  

?Don?t do anything rash, I would rather live longer than a few more minutes.  Just do as they say.?

?Well no s***, the longer we are alive the more chances we have to get out and escape.?  Hochi snarled.  The  other ship lowered gangplanks and a dozen men crossed over.  They immediately started to comb through the ship moving in all directions.  Two went straight to the wheelhouse. ?Make sure you wipe your feet ?fore going on my bridge!?  He turned back around and suddenly there was a man that was wearing a navy blue Naval uniform.  The number of medals and the stripes let Hochi knew this man was upper echelon.  The man stepped up to Hochi.

?Are you the Captain of this Vessel, and what are both of your full names??

?Yes sir I?m Hochi Bird, this is Martin Holmes.  Can you tell me what is going on here.  We don't want any part of  this bloody conscription business.  If you just let us on our way that would be great!?

The man chuckled as he wrote down their names, ?Oh no there is no getting out of this.  You either comply, or we send your asses to jail for however long we deem necessary.  Take them into custody, we will drop them and the others off at Fort Khuldan.?  He motioned for two of his men.  Before Hochi could turn around both of his hands were brought behind his back.  He was being pushed forward across the gangplank, he struggled as he crossed over and was on this other ship.  He was guided down below deck deeper and deeper into bowels of the ship.  He and Martin were put into a large room with about another 60 men; the door slammed behind them.

    Hochi looked around the dark room at all the faces that were looking back at him. They stood there for a bit, they could feel the ships engines kick on.  Hochi looked around for a spot to sit down, he needed to think. Suddenly a very young man came up to Hochi he was so tall he had to duck  slightly so he didn?t hit his head on the ceiling.  The man towered looking nearly 7? tall, he looked younger than Hochi by a handful of years.  He shook Hochi?s hand and smiled, ?ah, you got caught here too, how did they get you? Were you on your way to Welfaal, or did they get you out at sea?  Ahh where are my manners, the name is Jonathan.? The tall man smiled brightly shaking Hochi?s hand.

((Thank you for reading! More to come!))

Arcadia / Re: A Captain's Regrets
« on: December 03, 2012, 09:38:32 PM »
Aja went back up to the bridge, she gave Rico a quick rundown of the plan, who had been listening in on coms as usual, but he knew Aja?s recap was more about her looking for holes in the plan. She would leave little to chance now that Hochi and Misty were along.

He had been with her long enough to know, if it came down to a choice, herself or her family, Aja would walk fire for them. She would take the bigger risk, she always did. It both made her the captain the men believed in, and the friend that he had come to admire over the years. For all the pranks, and carefree attitude she put out for the public, he knew that deep down, she would die to protect those she loved.

People had often asked why he continued to follow her after all these years. For him, it was no question, he believed in her. He knew that the jokes, the smile.. it hid someone so committed to preserving innocent lives that she would sacrifice herself. Not many people got a view of that person. He smirked a little thinking of how far she went to hide it. But he knew her, he had seen it over and over. It was never anything she said, it was always in the things she did. The recent injuries she had incurred for Warren were a good example of that. He?d bet the palace that no one had been told why she was up on those damn rat lines in the first place. She did it to save Warren and never said another word about it.

Aja?s thoughts were much different, she was recalling what Dal had on his ship from their last mission. How long it really did take Serena to make bubble wards. Then she remembered that Dal had a mage that could do the same.
She halted. Red Eye Rogan. She slapped a hand to her head. How the hell had she forgotten him? He was a little crazy, but she knew of no other pirate that would love to take part in blowing things up and also be careful enough not to endanger the innocents. Put him side by side with Hochi and bam says the lady.. destruction in it?s absolute glory.

Hochi was on the bridge of the Shadowrunner, he double checked the compass, it was his tenth time in the past thirty minutes.  He was nervous, he knew with the numbers that they had, that they couldn?t fail.  The plan was solid, get in tranq, load up and get the hell out.  Martin walked onto the bridge, and checked a few of the systems, ?all the tranqs are loaded up and ready to go. How far out are we??

Hochi nodded, ?That?s good to hear, I want weapons to stay hot till that island is behind us.  I would say about two hours, maybe less if we can coax the engines into it.? Hochi turned from the compass and looked forward through the windows watching the waves of the ocean.  He loved being out in the ocean, it calmed him, but this time his nerves couldn?t be calmed.  

?You alright Hochi?? Martin looked up from the display.

?I?m fine, just a lot on my mind right now Martin.  I?m trying to picture what?s going to happen.?

?You can?t be doing that, your going to get all wound up before anything happens.  You need to clear your head Hochi. We are going to get it done this time.?

?Yeah, I know I do.  I?m trying to,? he took a deep breath, ?Get someone down in the engine room to get those things pumping faster, now.?  Martin nodded before darting off of the bridge.  A few minutes later the engines rumbled a bit louder the ship groaned in protest as it gained speed.  He watched the skyline, the sooner they got there the better.  He hated this wait, the calm before a fight.  

He closed his eyes memories flooded into his mind when he and Martin were shanghaied into service of the Welfaal civil war fighting for the future of the Federal Coalition.  He was apart of this terrible war for almost six months, in trenches, foxholes.  He always hated that wait before a charge, before both sides erupted into a firestorm. The silence always set him on edge, Hochi had learned during the warr, silence was usually followed by something terrible.

?Sir, the engines are running red hot, we can?t push them anymore they won?t be able to stand the heat for any extended period of time..? Martin said as he stepped back onto the bridge bringing Hochi back to reality.

Hochi shook his head, ?Keep them there, it will be fine-?

?But Hochi they are red hot.?

?Don?t worry about it Martin, trust me.?  Martin went silent as he looked out the window at the ocean.  Martin knew that Hochi knew what he was doing.  He trusted the man more than anyone else, he wouldn?t be standing on the Shadowrunner if it wasn?t for Hochi.  They had gotten out of so many sticky situations, no matter how grim it looked somehow Hochi was about to pull one out of his hat.

?We just have to wait...we will be upon that island in less than an hour.?  Hochi grabbed the ship?s intercom, ?Alright crew, we are about an hour out of port, I want you all to be at your battle stations.  If your one of those going on the docks, gear up and get top side.  We are going to be moving fast, and I don?t want to be there any longer than we have to.?  He put the intercom down grabbing a pair of binoculars he scanned the horizon as they waited.

The crew moved to get into battlestations, about 15 people came on board holding rifles, swords, geared up and ready to go. ?Martin, we are going to get them all back, if not, we will make those slaver bastards pay.?  Hochi?s mind went to those that were left behind, about 10 crew he had lost the day he was captured.  He had tried to go back but couldn?t succeed against three warships, and the defenses inland.  This time they wouldn?t fail, Hochi couldn?t fail.

The Fur?za seemed to throw itself into the air with a mighty roar, as Misty headed in the direction Hochi had specified.  Misty herself growled under her breath, resisting the urge to dive-bomb the complex with guns blazing at the onset of her arrival.  That wouldn?t do anyone any good, not even her.  As she flew on ahead, the Kirn toggled switches and pressed buttons, calling up the freighter?s bank of sensors.  While they didn?t work quite as well in an atmosphere as they did out in the black, they?d serve for this.

Soon enough, she located the island and began to circle, high overhead, all the while scanning for everything she could think of.  Heat sources, power sources, chemical explosives, metal deposits ? time ticked away, as she began to build a working three-dimensional topographical map of the island, scanned down to the bedrock, filled with as much data as she could muster.  It might take a while to send that over the link, but she had the time while waiting for the others to arrive.

Aja called Red Eye while they were underway, a blessing he was in the area, and just happened to be tracking a slaver ship headed for what they both believed was the same port of call.

?Well, this is good news, Red. Lookin fer a little action taday??

?Ya have a blond aboard?? he joked bringing a slight smile to her face as she answered him.

?Not dis time, Red, less ya swing da other way.? she paused letting him groan and grumble a little. ?How abouts we jist blow some stuff up, Aye??

?Second best thing.?  he answered, Aja could hear the smile in his voice.

??Bout how long ?fer ya figure dat ship reaches dat port??

?Next hour ?r so.? Red came back.

?Good good.. ?bout da time we be gettin ta dem parts. Keep an eye on ?em??

?They ain?t gettin away, Aja. Count on it.? Red Eye said solemnly. ?Red Eye out.?

?Copy dat.? she hung up with him then clicked back to the coms between the ships. ?Got another invitee ta da party. His name be Red Eye Rogan, he?s trackin another ship ta da same port. His ship flies under da black and yellow. Mist, fer yer scanners, he?ll likely come up friendly... jist heavily armed.?  Aja grinned at the com then.

?Sounds good to me as long as he doesn?t blow me up before I blow myself up? Hochi chuckled as he switched to the Shadowrunner?s intercom. ?No one shoots at the heavily armed ship, sails under black and yellow.?  

?Right.  Additional friendly, black and yellow.  I?ll tag him in the working display.?  Honestly, Misty welcomed another set of guns on their side.  The defenses of the island complex were quite formidable, and Misty didn?t relish the thought of being the only bit of surprise support.  While it was true that nothing else on the island looked to be geared against aerial attack, there were a few things she could think of down there that an inventive mind could easily improvise.  And if she could think of them, so could anyone else.

Dalton Freeman had heard all the plans, he thought on them for a time then when he was standing aboard the deck of Screamin Knave looking out at the water with Serena, the lovely and talented mage friend of Aja?s, his thoughts turned to a different type of reflection.

Normally, women did not accompany him on such missions, but after the last, Dalton was all too familiar with how useful Serena was. Because of her part in the mission, none of his crew were put in harms way. While he enjoyed a good fight as much as the next guy, he saw value to the way that Aja and Serena planned missions of mercy like this one.

Also, since meeting Serena, he had found her to be enchanting company to be soothing to his battered soul. She had brought him from the dark place he had lived in, into a place where light once again shined. She had been a frequent visitor to Crystal Cove. He found that he looked forward to her visits.

?Dal,? her dulcet voice reached his ears, tugging his attention to her.  

?Yes??  he turned a smile her way.

?I wondered where you had gone to just now.? she gave him that soul soothing smile and he returned it easily.

?Oh, just thinking, Serena.?

?About the mission??

?About you actually.? He returned a little quietly. ?How much I?ve come to value your company.?

?Really?? She gave him a warm smile and her hands rested on the side of the vessel, she gave him a sidelong look. ?As I have come to value yours.?

?Once this is all said and done,? Dal started slowly. ?I was hoping to ask you to accompany me for an outing.?

?An outing?? She smiled at the horizon before turning those enchanting blue eyes to him. ?Like a date??

?Yes.? he felt his cheeks go a little warm. ?Very much like a date.?

?I would love to.? she leaned up on her toes and kissed his cheeks before whispering in his ear. ?Took you long enough ta ask me, Sailor.? she gave him a wink as she turned and went to see to her potions she had brought with her.

((Written by Aja, Misty, and Hochi.  Thanks for reading!))

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Hochi took his position at the helm of the Shadowrunner -- several things running through his mind at one time.
He traced his fingers along the worn wood of the Shadowrunner.  After his last adventures out at sea, he had developed a small fear of returning back to the vast unknown that was the ocean. So many things could and had gone wrong. And he blamed himself for those events. Had he not been so blindly led by his anger, by his need to take out people that represented the worst of his past, he may not be in this situation now. His green eyes stared at the grain of the wood, lost in terrified thought.

Hochi remembered feeling like this back then. When the men came for him, before his newly found family stepped in and saved the day like storybook heroes. Ones that he never felt he deserved fully. What made him any better or worse than anyone else who had been where he had been? Was it mere luck? Was it fate?

A part of him feared that Aja would bop him on his green haired head for thinking like that.  Not that he honestly believed she would. Not with everything that he had come to know over the years with her.

In all the times he?d seen his mother in action, he?d never once seen fear cross her face. She didn?t appear to want to run from anything. When she and the others put their lives on the line for him, they didn?t look scared. It was a place he didn?t feel he could ever get to. He wondered if he could ever be truly like her. All he wanted to do was run, go back to Arcadia and never leave it again.

The crew, his own and ones assigned to him, worked at getting ready to leave. As he watched them silently only every now and then needing to raise his voice to get something done right.  He walked along the ship checking riggings, weapons, and lines.  He never liked raising his voice at people, he always tried to keep his calm when dealing with people.  Hochi moved to help Martin secure Ms. Piggy to the deck as he glanced up seeing Aja onboard the Breeze.

Hochi watched as his mother moved about The Breeze, doing the same or more work than most of her crew, usually the latter.  She moved about with precision knowing exactly what to do.  She wasnt ?just? the captain. She didn?t just give orders and stand back. He had seen the same behavior from her at the work sites over the past week. His mother wasn?t afraid of getting her hands dirty. She wasn?t a dainty ?damsel? and any mentions that she could be were often met with a scoff and cuff to the back of the head of whoever said it within earshot of her.  

His Mother had always been like this, never one to slouch at the sign or work, or to ever avoid it.  He respected her for that, she wasn?t the biggest, or the strongest but he had never seen her show any sign of weakness.  Hochi had learned that work ethic from her, they had finished securing the gun to the deck Jonathan immediately took up the gunner seat making sure he had a clear shot from most angles.  Hochi turned and double checking tie downs always keeping an eye on his mother as she barked a few more orders here and there.  Making sure the peppered in a few warnings to those that wouldn?t keep her pace.  He was very different, quiet, rarely raising his voice unless necessary at his crew.  He stopped and helped one of the crew tie down a cannon making sure it was secure.  

Hochi glanced around, now was the time.  There was no turning back now, he had to finish what he started.  The ship was almost ready, ?Listen up, you heard the plan that Aja laid down.  I want the engine fired up, we are going to go out a bit in the harbor. Do final checks on everything and wait till the Breeze is ready. I want to make sure all weapons are up to par, I don?t want any mistakes on this run.  Tobey, up in the crow?s nest, lets get this girl out in the harbor 10 minutes ago.?  He moved to the helm, his fingers grazed along the worn wood of the wheel, suddenly the engines kicked on and Hochi took control of The Shadowrunner.

((written by Hochi and Aja))

Arcadia / A Captain's Regrets
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The early Monday morning sun was shining down on Arcadian lands as it normally did. The rays broke through the low hanging palms and shined on Aja and Hochi putting up pens together. The pair worked well together, one would hold the rail and the other would weld it into place.

Aja was banging out some of the pipe ends and saw Hochi spacing out at the bay. She kept working a little bit longer before speaking.

?As pretty as da scenery is, Hoch.. Da blue doesn?t always hold da answers.? she banged on the pipe a little more and saw him turn to look at her curious. She would let him think about that for a little while and continued working.

His mom was a bit amazing to him. How she would know what his thoughts were, or when to leave him alone with them, he didn?t know. But there were a lot of times he was glad she was that way.  

Aja didn?t say another word for a while, she kept working waiting for Hochi to be ready to talk on his own. It occurred to her as she worked that Tanner had always allowed her to work through things in her head, he?d remain close by though.

She was no different than him in the way she dealt with Hochi. She knew, pushing would do very little to help, in fact it could get him to shut down which would prevent her being able to help him in any decent way. It would?ve been like that for her had Tanner been any different. She hated when people got all pushy to know what she was thinking. She?d tell them when she wanted, not a second before. If ever sometimes. Some of those thoughts in her head were dark memories best never spoken aloud to those that would never understand for they had never stood in her shoes. They knew little about suffering at the hands of others. That was something that her and Hochi understood all too well.

Hochi came over slowly and picked up the hammer, Aja stepped back and grabbed a bottle of water, letting Hochi bang on the pipe, flattening out the end while getting his irritation out. After a drink, her water bottle went to the side, she replaced it with the sander and got to work on the end he just finished as he started on the other side. She glanced over at him, at the expression of his face, she suspected it wouldn?t be too much longer before he had something to say.

Hochi sighed as he let the hammer rest against his leg he knew this conversation was going to happen.  He glanced back toward the water then to Aja, ?It feels really nice to be back, I know I keep saying that, but it really does?  he smiled quickly before he set the hammer on the bench.

?I don?t mind hearin it, and a good days work with family can never be praised enough.? Aja said in between hammer strikes.

?It helps clear the mind I think, too much adventuring it.? Hochi said pausing ?I missed the docks, I?ve seen hundreds of others,, but this one is my favorite.? Smiling as he looked around his childhood playground.

?Aye. I?ve seen mah fair share a da realm. Nothin quite compares ta home.? She gave Hochi a smile. ?And da people dat make it such.?

?Yeah? There are quite a few people that know the name of Bird..?

?Dat be so?? Aja seemed amused, with an undercurrent of slight concern. ?Friendly ports?? asked idly.

He nodded, ?A few of them were not the friendliest of places? Hochi grabbed the hammer and another pipe beforing hammering flat the end of the pipe.  ?A few of the people were of the unsavory types, but now they just know there are two dangerous Birds out there.?

?Birds of prey as it were.? she smirked a little. ?Aye. Dey be right about dat. I keep JiJi busy in Ballentine with Ajay. Not dat I don?t believe those two couldn?t hold dere own in a battle, but it be best not ta find out. Aye?? Aja sighed. Of the family, Ajay was best suited as a King and JiJi? Well, she had too much a tendency to panic first for Aja?s comfort level to allow the twin anywhere near a battle scene on purpose.

?I would rather not find out if they could or couldn?t handle a battle. It is always best to not get involved in one if you can.?  Hochi had learned the hard way that there are people out there that just can?t handle the intensity of a battle.

?Secret?s safe wiff me, Kid.? She smiled at her son getting the impression that he worried about the other family members finding that out.. ?Don?t rat me out either, eh??  Aja had that same thought herself.

?I won?t rat you out, its our secret? he smiled brightly

?Good.? Aja grinned and turned the pipe. ?Much as I love yer Uncle and Aunt. Dey have skills best used right where they are.?  no sense lying to her son. ?JiJi fancies herself a brawler, but I do not believe dat is enough fer what she would encounter out dere.? Aja waved a hand toward the open ocean. ?She?d be dead ?fore she even knew what hit her.?  The expression was one of deep contemplation now. ?You and me. We?re special, Kiddo.? Aja went on sanding the pipe smooth for the welds to come.

He nodded knowing all too well that dangers of the ocean, and those that traversed it. He smiled happily hearing her, ?Damn straight we are special, we have gone out there and come back, more or less the same.? He whacked the pipe a few times flattening it ?Did you like my new ship, pretty big isn?t it?? He beams proudly as he slams the hammer down onto the pipe.

?Aye, it is at dat.? she was remaining silent for the more about going out and coming back the same comment he made. There was more to that statement than he was telling her right now. ?She requires some modifications ta fit da new motor in, one powerful enough ta propel it. But it?s a damn fine ship, Hochi.? she paused in her sanding to answer his question giving him a smile and then taking up her work again. ?If it?s alright with ya, I?ll be addin some special modifications ta her. Ones I believe yer gonna find most useful fer when yer ready ta go back out again.?  her own ship had undergone such modifications and she had been grateful for them.

?Modifications huh? What sort of modifications??

?Aye.? Aja nodded as she kept sanding. ?Added some new defensive modes ta da Breeze.? she knocked the sand block against the pipe to clear the shavings off. ?One, defects most magic attacks from mages on nearby vessels. Another slows cannon shots allowing any on board mage a chance to fling them off inta da sea.?

?I like the sound of those, right now all I have are cannons, and people who are well versed in hand to hand combat.? He paused, ?I?m going to be the scourge of slavers soon.? smirks, but there was a twinge of worry in his voice.

?Who says ya ain?t now??  she gave him a smile before getting serious again. ?We?ll train yer crew up on da new weapons. And if yer amiable ta it, new fightin skills. Oh! And explosives!? she suddenly grinned big remembering that one, then got back to the conversation. ?Some new hand ta hand skills and long range sniper rifles.?

?I would be up for the new fighting skills and training, I can get a few of the men who came to Rhydin to do the training, most jumped ship at previous harbors. I kind of just picked up a rag tag crew along the way when needed.?  Smiles, ?you know me too well, I love explosives! The more the merrier? laughs

?We?ll train ?em in Arcadia. RhyDin is alright fer a test run on some of da skills, but I think trainin is best handled round home. No need havin a new crew distracted with RhyDin City antics.? said to Hochi as she knocked off more metal shavings. ?Ya and me will go out ta da demo island later dis week. I?ll show ya some of mah latest ideas.?

?I will have to call the remaining crew back into Arcadia, seems like their fun is now over.? Chuckles, ?What Rhydin antics are you talking about? smiles knowing all too well the antics one can get into in this town.  ?Demo Island, uhh yeah of course we are going out there!?

?Good ta let ?em have a break.? Aja said about the first part, then looked up at the question. ?RhyDin City has many distractions. Da latest seems ta involve zombies.? she shrugged slightly, she would tell Hochi of her own encounters with those later, it would be off the subject for now. ?Don?t know how dey came ta be, but I don?t think a rookie crew would be equipped ta handle dem jist yet.? she again knocked the metal shavings off her sanding block and brushed off the pipe. She thought a moment about what else would be needed to update his crew. She had already cornered Hochi?s on board cook and had sent him to train with her own, who was now a successful diner owner in town. ?And what of yer healer on board, is he up to date on the latest advances??

He shook his head, ?We used to have one...? sighs still shaking his head, ?She was lost...? Hochi took a deep breath. ?We haven?t had one in the past three months.?  

?Have ta fix dat.? Aja said as she inspected the pipe. ?We?ll talk ta Parker. He?ll find a good one.?

?Yeah...that sounds like a good idea, anyone he recommends is going to be the best there is.?  He sat down leaning against one of the posts looking out at the water.

?Hoch?? Aja started slowly, ?Not ta go all pushy ma on ya...?  she leaned against the saw horses, she?d go ahead with her question although she likely knew the answer already, given what bits of information he?d already related to her.  ?Did ya bite off more dan ya could chew out dere ?fore ya had da good sense ta come home??

He watches the waves coming into the harbor, glancing up at the seagulls.  ?Something like that...? he took a deep breath ?I landed at this Island, I knew they weren?t the best of people.  I was almost sure that they were slavers but I wasn?t completely sure. So we docked and what not and took a look around, before you know it my entire crew...was captured.?  He sighed still staring at the water.

Aja listened as he spoke and tugged her gloves off, they got tossed on the workbench, as she grabbed a couple new water bottles from the coolers quietly as Hochi related his tale. Coming over to him, one water bottle was given to him as she took a seat next to him.

?And I take it ya couldn?t get dem all back??  she guessed not looking at him, but staring off at the water like he was.

He nodded pausing ?Yeah...I lost a lot of people, very good people.? He takes the water bottle unscrewing it taking a drink.  ?Almost was caught myself...was on the ship for a few weeks.? He closed his eyes tightly remembering the dark cargo hold.  The hundreds of other people chained below deck.  The terrible conditions, the waiting, and the silence, the parading about on a dock in front of a buyer. ?I was almost bought...I had to start a big fight so they wouldn?t want me...? sighs looking at the ground between his legs going silent.

Aja?s hand reached over to come to rest on his shoulder as he spoke.

He takes a deep breath, ?I was terrified, I hadn?t been that terrified since I was a little kid when those men took me away from you....? closes his eyes tightly. That hand that had merely rested on his shoulder went around and she pulled him in a little. He was never going to be too old for her to comfort.

?Loss. We know it well.? she said quietly. ?We shall always feel it.. no matter how much time goes by. As we will with da fear.?

?When I finally managed to get a rebellion organised to take the ship.  I went back to the Island to see if any of my crew were there...I lost 10...because of me...? he moves in closer to her, ?I brought them there...I had lost crew...but never lost any to a slaver...sent them to a life worse than death...? lowers his head remembering his own time enslaved as a child.  Being fed just enough to keep you alive, the whippings, the pain.  ?I tried to find them but I couldn?t I had to leave the Island very fast but those slavers are still on that Island.?  Takes a very long drink of water.

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Im liking the new board, here Already started posting! feels good to be back.

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They were unloading six very large crates onto the docks of the harbor.  Alabaster peninsula was a major trading post that Hochi enjoyed using.  He looked down at his clipboard marking off a few things. "We only need to unload the Lupine Idols, and all of those damn potatoes!"  Hochi shouted down into the cargo hold smiling.  He was sick of eating potatoes, potato soup, potatoes and cheese, baked potatoes, potato fries.  He had had enough of it!  

"Sir you want to give all 25 barrels of potatoes or do you want to keep a few?" Stephen, the cook, shouted up from the cargo hold.  

"uh, get rid of all but five, thats it though, I want you to cook something without bloody potatoes!"

"But they are so good!  I have invented six new dishes because I had to use potatoes."

Hochi shook his head and walked to the port side of the ship. "Martin I want you to go into town and see what we can get for 20 barrels of potatoes. Get some good food or something"  Martin nodded handing his own clipboard to another crew member as he headed off.  

"Captain Bird."

Hochi turned around and was looking at five of his crew, Roy, Pinky, Sloth, Jake, George.  "Yes what is it make it quick we need to get back to work."

Sloth nodded, "uh sir we are probably not going to come with you to Rhydin.  The five of us are going to stay here and look for other work."

Hochi frowned, these all had been good men, they had seen so much together.  He was saddened by the fact that they were not coming back to Rhydin.  "You do understand that I don't know when I am going to be back here.  This could be the last we see of each other.  If it is, good luck, keep your wits about you and you should survive...even if I'm not there to save you."  Hochi beamed a bright smile hiding the fact he didn't want them to leave.  They had been through so much, slavers, unknown creatures, poisonous flying orcs, and that was the tip of the iceberg of adventure.  "Help us unload and fix up the ship while we are here."

The men nodded and headed off to do their work.  Hochi sighed before watching as the first ten barrels of potatoes were being hauled up out of the hold.  Lenny was running around the ship happily, he knew what was going on.  He walked down the gangplank to the docks to talk to the dock master. "Hi there sir, how are we doing.  We have your damn idols for the museum, we got a large amounts of plants for the clinic here.  They are gonna have to see which are medicinal and which are not."

The dock master nodded making a few notes on his own clipboard. "how long will you and your crew be staying?"

"Till tomorrow morning, then we will leave. Some of my crew are staying, just 5 that I know of."  Hochi looked up at his ship, then back to the dock master. "That alright how much do I owe you to rent this slip?"

The dock master responded crisply, "50 gold.  Ill put it on your account Captain Bird."  The man turned and walked away waving a dismissive hand.  Hochi just shook his head running a hand through his green hair.  He wanted to get home tonight but he would rather look rested when he got home so Aja wouldn't worry.

Arcadia / Day unknown
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He woke up in a dark room his head throbbing painfully.  "ugh" he sat  up rubbing the large lump on the back of his head. "Martin you there?" his eyes were still adjusting to the low lighting in the room.

"Yeah, yeah...goddamn my head hurts like hell."  Hochi moved toward the voice till Martin came into view.

"you have any idea where in the hell we are or how long we have been out?"  Martin shook his head as he gently caressed his own lump ridden head.  Hochi looked around the room and stood up slowly, they couldn't have been out that long his body doesn't feel that stiff, maybe a day. "Hey! Anyone there!?" Hochi shouted, and was happy with the response time as the door flew open and two of the Lion people walked in.  "There we go, now I have a few questions to ask, but first I want you to take me to your leader."  Hochi beamed a warm smile to both, he always loved saying that line.  

"All in due time stranger," The lion person, who had his mane braided heavily and had battle scars all over his body. "First I would like to know just who you are and what your doing here."

Hochi nodded thinking for a moment, "Well my name is Hochi Bird, Captain of the Northern Falcon, the boat that has been circling your Island that past few days.  We are just exploring, seeing whats going on."
Martin stood up and walked up the bars as well.

"Is this how you treat new people?" Martin snapped angrily.

"Yes, when they encroach on our lands.  I believe he hold the right to defend our lands from intruders. How do we know your not Leo Spies?" The lion man stared at Hochi, it felt as if the lion thing was searching his soul.

"Leo spies, no we just come about this island and landed.  We are just exploring, we don't know anything about any leo thingies." Hochi said holding onto the bars staring right back at the lion.

"I don't know, you seem to be telling the truth. My name is Akin of the Griffin Tribe, this is the Island of Juahar, and it is our island. This is Jal." Jal growls when introduced. "Why were you coming into our lands with weapons drawn?"

Hochi smiled, "we have no reason to lie to you, cept for the whole knocking out and imprisonment bit.  Nice to meet you Akin, Jal...we were hunting for food, that is it. We were not trying to start a war or looking for a fight. Since you don't think we are lying, we are all clear so you can let us out of this cage then right?

Akin thought for a few moments. "Come on just let us out."  Martin snapped angrily.  Jal snarled loudly silencing Martin quickly.  

"Let only the green haired one out Jal, bring him to the Chieftan's hut.  I'm sure that he will want to speak with him.  Jal unlocked the door and slide it open.  Hochi stepped out and turned back to Martin.

"I'll be back, just calm down, take a nap."

Akin was gone by the time Hochi turned back around, Jal growled and pushed Hochi forward. "Lets go outsider."

"I've told you my name is Hochi."

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